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House Brand Model Number Original Manufacturer Original Model
J.C. Penney 6630 Marlin 55
J.C. Penney 6647 Savage 944
J.C. Penney 6647 Springfield 944
J.C. Penney 6660 Glenfield 60
J.C. Penney 6660 Marlin 99C
J.C. Penney 6670 Springfield 67H
J.C. Penney 6670 Savage 67
J.C. Penney 6870 Savage 30
J.C. Penney 6870H Savage 30H
J.C. Penney common name, Foremost
K-Mart 151 Boito CBC
Katz F-1282 Marlin 989M2
Katz F-1282 Glenfield 70
Katz F-1287 Marlin 55
Katz F-1287 Glenfield 50
Kresge 151 Boito CBC
New Haven 220K Mossberg 320K-A
New Haven 240K Mossberg 340K
New Haven 246K Mossberg 346K-A
New Haven 250K Mossberg 152K
New Haven 250KB Mossberg 350K-A
New Haven 273 Mossberg 173
New Haven 273A Mossberg 173A
New Haven 283,D Mossberg 183,D
New Haven 284 Mossberg 173
New Haven 285 Mossberg 185D-C
New Haven 290 Mossberg 190D-A
New Haven 295 Mossberg 195D
New Haven 453 Mossberg 353
New Haven 600AB Mossberg 500AB
New Haven 600C Mossberg 500C
New Haven 600E Mossberg 500E
New Haven 679 Mossberg 472
New Haven 740 Mossberg 640
Otasco 30 Marlin 336
Otasco 30 Glenfield 30A
Otasco 65 Glenfield 60
Otasco 65 Marlin 99C
Palmetto 11 Stevens 85,89
Premier Trail Blazer Stevens 29A
Ranger 101.2 Savage 238
Ranger 101.3 Fulton Special
Ranger 101.8 Stevens 83
Ranger 103.5 Marlin 90 DT/ST
Ranger 103.7 Marlin 90 DT/ST
Ranger 103.1 Marlin 90 DT/ST
Ranger 103.11 Marlin 90 DT/ST
Ranger 103.16 Marlin 90 DT/ST
Ranger 103.35 Marlin 90 DT/ST
Ranger 103.36 Marlin 90 DT/ST