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Schematic Image

*Part Key 'NI' stands for 'Not Illustrated'.

Image Part Key Product # Description Price Add To Cart
Piston Segment, Inner
77 1301340 Piston Segment, Inner $12.55 Buy Now
Piston Segment, Outer
78 1301350 Piston Segment, Outer $13.50 Buy Now
Piston Valve Spring Nut
79 1301360 Piston Valve Spring Nut $14.45 Buy Now
Piston Valve Washer
80 1301370 Piston Valve Washer $5.85 Buy Now
Recoil Pad, Inflex
82 1301380 Recoil Pad, Inflex $48.25 Buy Now
Recoil Pad Screw
83 1301390A Recoil Pad Screw $7.00 Buy Now
Recoil Pad Spacer Plate
84 1301400A Recoil Pad Spacer Plate $11.65 Sold Out
Recoil Pad Spacer Positioning Plate
85 1301410 Recoil Pad Spacer Positioning Plate $7.00 Buy Now
86 1301420 Safety $13.10 Sold Out
Safety Plunger
87 1301430A Safety Plunger $13.00 Sold Out
Safety Plunger Spring
88 1309530C Safety Plunger Spring $3.90 Buy Now
89 1301450 Sear $14.05 Buy Now
Sear Pin
90 1301460 Sear Pin $10.35 Buy Now
Sear Spring
91 1301470 Sear Spring $7.15 Buy Now
Front Sight, White
92 1309560C Front Sight, White $12.40 Buy Now
Sleeve Bar Assembly
93 1301490 Sleeve Bar Assembly $57.15 Sold Out
Sleeve Bar Spring
94 1301500 Sleeve Bar Spring $6.95 Sold Out
Slide Buffer
95 1301510A Slide Buffer $7.25 Sold Out
Stock, MODB Dura-Touch
96 1301530 Stock, MODB Dura-Touch $132.50 Buy Now
Stock, Stalker, Dura-Touch
96 1301540 Stock, Stalker, Dura-Touch $115.25 Buy Now