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Schematic Image

*Part Key 'NI' stands for 'Not Illustrated'.

Image Part Key Product # Description Price Add To Cart
H&R 755, 760 Schematic W/ Parts List
PDF0121 H&R 755, 760 Schematic W/ Parts List $1.50 Buy Now
image not available
1 244510 Barrel, .22 Cal. $42.00 Sold Out
3 245770 Bolt $35.00 Buy Now
image not available
4 244640 Bolt Assembly - - $48.95 Sold Out
Bumper Plug
5 244660 Bumper Plug $7.00 Buy Now
image not available
6 244690 Bumper Plug Insert $3.00 Sold Out
Bumper Plug Screw
7 244720 Bumper Plug Screw $4.35 Buy Now
8 564670X Buttplate $15.95 Buy Now
Buttplate Filler, White Plastic
9 276580I Buttplate Filler, White Plastic $0.90 Buy Now
Buttplate Screw (2 Req'd)
10 284950H Buttplate Screw (2 Req'd) $2.35 Sold Out
image not available
11 244840 Cocking Handle $7.00 Sold Out
Cocking Handle Plunger
12 244870 Cocking Handle Plunger $2.35 Buy Now
Cocking Handle Plunger Spring
13 244910 Cocking Handle Plunger Spring $2.35 Buy Now
14 264560D Extractor $8.85 Buy Now
Extractor Spring, New Style
15 283660B Extractor Spring, New Style $4.45 Buy Now
Extractor Spring Plunger
16 36410Q Extractor Spring Plunger $2.45 Buy Now
Firing Pin
17 245000 Firing Pin $18.20 Buy Now
image not available
21 245040 Front Sight $4.70 Sold Out
Hammer (w/ Cross Pin)
22 245050 Hammer (w/ Cross Pin) $11.25 Buy Now
Hammer Cross Pin
23 245060 Hammer Cross Pin $2.35 Buy Now