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Schematic Image

*Part Key 'NI' stands for 'Not Illustrated'.

Image Part Key Product # Description Price Add To Cart
Recoil Spring
35 605630A Recoil Spring $60.55 Buy Now
Trigger Heat Shield
37 605670 Trigger Heat Shield $12.75 Sold Out
Squeeze Cocker
38 605680B Squeeze Cocker $60.70 Buy Now
Drag Lever
39 600930B Drag Lever $39.80 Buy Now
Squeeze Cocker Axle
40 600940B Squeeze Cocker Axle $7.90 Buy Now
41 600950B Rocker $19.80 Buy Now
Magazine Catch Axle
42 600960B Magazine Catch Axle $5.50 Buy Now
Stop Pin (2 Req'd)
43 600810D Stop Pin (2 Req'd) $2.25 Buy Now
44 600970C Stop $5.60 Buy Now
Cocking Latch
45 600980C Cocking Latch $25.35 Buy Now
Cocking Latch Spring
46 600990B Cocking Latch Spring $2.25 Buy Now
Cocking Lever Spring
47 601000C Cocking Lever Spring $14.60 Sold Out
Grip, Left
48 605700 Grip, Left $74.35 Buy Now
Grip, Right
49 605720 Grip, Right $19.50 Buy Now
Magazine Catch
50 605760 Magazine Catch $21.10 Buy Now
Magazine Catch, Stainless
50 1586600 Magazine Catch, Stainless $21.10 Buy Now
Magazine Catch Spring
51 605770B Magazine Catch Spring $5.60 Buy Now
image not available
52 605780 Magazine Housing $20.20 Sold Out
Magazine Follower
53 605820 Magazine Follower $38.05 Buy Now
Magazine Follower Insert
54 605830 Magazine Follower Insert $6.15 Buy Now