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Forums Home > Identifying or Finding F... > Marlin > marlin 12Ga hammer pump
marlin 12Ga hammer pump
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jim naylor
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Joined: January 2011
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Posted: January 31, 2011 11:54 AM

I have a Marlin 12 ga hammer pump marked on barrel "Marlin Fire-Arms Co New Haven Ct USA, Pat'd Nov 6 1894, May 12, 1896 & June 2, 1896",
12 GA on top barrel and under barrel 65045 F. Under receiver 62553. No other markings.

Want help to get model number and discussion about operating features, takedown do's & dont's.
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Posted: January 31, 2011 2:07 PM

During 1998, Marlin issued a service bulletin recommending that slide action exposed hammer Models 1898, 16, 17, 19, 19S, 19G, 19N, 21, 24, 24G, 26, 30, 42, 49, and 49N, in addition to hammerless Models 28, 31, 43, 44, 53, and 63 should not be fired, as many of these guns are 70-100 years old, and system failures can and do happen.

I am not sure which model you may have. If you have a 12 gauge takedown model you may have:

MODEL 1898 - 12 ga., 5 shot tube mag., 26-32 in. barrels, various chokes, exposed hammer, pistol grip stock, grades differ in quality of wood and engraving on C and D. Mfg. 1898-1905.

Factory information by individual ser. no. from the Cody Firearms Museum may be available for this model in the ser. range 19,601-67,000.

MODEL 19 (19S, 19N, 19G, 19D) - improved lightened version of Model 1898, matte top surface on barrel. Mfg. 1906-07.

MODEL 21 - straight grip version of Model 19.

MODEL 24 - improved 21, takedown, automatic recoil lock on slide, solid matte rib. Mfg. 1908-15.

Solid Frame Models:

MODEL 17 - 12 ga., 30 or 32 in. full choke barrel, solid frame, straight stock. Mfg. 1906-08.

MODEL 17 BRUSH GUN - similar to Model 17, with 26 in. cylinder bore barrel. Mfg. 1906-08.

MODEL 17 RIOT GUN - similar to Model 17, with 20 in. barrel. Mfg. 1906-08.

MODEL 26 - similar to Model 24 Grade A, with solid frame, 30 or 32 in. full choke barrel. Mfg. 1909-15.

MODEL 26 BRUSH GUN - 26 in. cylinder bore barrel. Mfg. 1909-15.

MODEL 26 RIOT GUN - 20 in. cylinder bore barrel. Mfg. 1909-15.

You may want to try a post on our Visitor Forums for information regarding identifying your model and for takedown instructions. Sorry that we could not help this time.
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