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Forums Home > Other > German Folding Trigger Revolver
German Folding Trigger Revolver
Replies for German Folding Trigger Revolver
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Joined: December 2010
Posts: 0
Edwardsville, KS
Posted: January 24, 2013 4:09 PM

Recently found a little solid frame pocket revolver with folding trigger. .32 Short Colt fits. Crown "U" proof marks. Appears complete except for hammer. Could also use a trigger spring, those seem to be the weak point in all those older European pinfire and centerfire pocket revolvers. Any idea where to start on finding a hammer? I realize these may require hand fitting, as no two seem to be the same. Look in the Alfa 1911 catalog reprint for an idea of the revolver I'm talking about.
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Joined: August 2011
Posts: 5640
Posted: January 24, 2013 5:53 PM
Since I don't have access to an Alfa 1911 reprint catalog...a little more info would help in making an ID. The folding trigger nor the chambering of the .32 Short Colt is enough to ID the gun..both were common in the early 1900's The folding trgger is more common on revolvers but is not unknown on auto's.One common name found is the VELO-DOG series  basically a handgun used to protect the riders of a velocipede from the jaws of dogs. Chamberings were from a version of the .22 rimfire and other sub caliber Parlor the Floberts up to 32...38...44 and 45 Check for the name Henrion,Dassy & Heuschen(HDH) of Leige belgium wsa a maker of folding trigger revolvers.  One that was cahmber in .32 was named "PUPPY" offered in .22-5.5mm-6.35mm- and 7.65 mm(32) and was made as a Hammerless, a small hammer or a lar5ge hammer gun. Another nasme that made such guns was Garate Brithers(Spain) a private website that may be of some help is www.vestpocket.bauli/..they have a bulletian board where you can post your needs as to parts or data
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