5 Important Gun Maintenance Tips That Every Gun Owner Should Know

5 Important Gun Maintenance Tips That Every Gun Owner Should Know

Gun ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. Firearms are an expensive purchase and they should be maintained properly for durability and longevity. A well-maintained gun is less likely to malfunction and backfire. Hence, the importance of gun maintenance cannot be overstressed. 

The good thing is that most guns aren’t high-maintenance and just by following a few steps regularly, you can keep your firearm in good shape. Listed below are some basic gun maintenance tips that every good owner should know and follow. 

Use High-Quality Gun-Specific Cleaning Equipment

They will not be able to remove the dust, grime, and rust from different parts of the gun and cause issues in the smooth movement of different components of the gun. 

Inspect Your Gun From Time to Time

  • If you use your gun once in a while, we recommend you inspect it from time to time even when not in use. The reason is that dust, debris, and rust can clog the gun and increase the chances of malfunction. Due to these factors, your gun may not fire in the case of an emergency.

If your profession requires you to carry a gun every day, then it is mandatory for you to inspect it at the start and end of each day. 

Discard Faulty Magazines

  • All components of the gun are prone to damage and wear and tear. With consistent use, your gun’s magazines can become worn out. If you spot malfunctions in the magazine, discard them immediately. Some people keep the damaged magazines for practice sessions. But by doing so, there is an increased risk of mixing the good magazines with the damaged ones. 

So the best practice is to discard the faulty magazines and keep a supply of good and functional magazines on hand all the time.  

Grease Your Guns Properly

  • A gun is a mechanical device in which multiple parts are working together to produce a shot. When these parts come in contact with each other, friction is produced which limits their movement. To ease out the friction, grease the moving parts of the gun lightly and regularly. 

Some gun owners believe that lubrication is not good for the gun because it can affect the mechanics of the gun and cause hurdles in its proper functioning. However, there is little empirical evidence to prove that lubrication interferes with the working of the gun. Follow the gun’s manual for lubricating your gun properly. 

Wipe Down The Gun With An Oily Rag

  • It is not just the internal parts of the gun that require frequent care and maintenance. Rather the external parts require care as well. The gun’s external body is subjected to heat, humidity, temperature extremities, and friction from other objects. As a result, it wears down, accumulates rust, and starts to look old and ragged. 

A simple way to preserve its look and get rid of impurities is to regularly wipe the gun with an oily rag. For this purpose, use gun oil made specifically for the gun’s maintenance. Along with that, regularly inspect the gun for loose screws or stocks.