Best Beretta Handguns- 9mm

Best Beretta Handguns- 9mm

Italian firearms company, Beretta, has been manufacturing quality firearms since the early 1500s, and continues to this day, with a market that stretches to every corner of the world.

When it comes to 9mm handguns, Beretta manages to make intricate designs that combine comfort with accuracy. There is no doubt Beretta has some of the best pistols in the market; here are some of the current best Beretta handguns:


Beretta designed this handgun to create a weapon that is light, compact, and packs incredible power. The polymer frame of the PX4 Compact makes it feather-light at 27-ounces unloaded. It is a small yet reliable pistol with slide-mounted docking safety levers. 

The exact size of this beauty stretches out to only 6.8 inches long and 5 inches tall, with the barrel size being 3.27 inches and 1.42 inches wide. It holds 15 rounds plus 1 with smooth trigger action dimensions that make it an ideal handgun in terms of compactness. Along with that, it also comes with a swappable back strap that makes it perfect for concealed carry. 


When it comes to Beretta handguns, we can’t forget the classics. Although not the exact same pistol, they’re nearly identical, and make for two of the most successful Beretta 9mm handguns of all time. Both the Beretta M9 and 92 offer great durability and reliability with only minor maintenance. 

These Beretta’s also hold 15 plus 1 round, with dimensions being 4.9 inches of barrel length, 5.4 inches long, and 1.5 inches of width. Weighing in about 33 ounces when unloaded, they’ve got a perfect size to weight ratio. Not to mention, the 92 and M9 also have slide-mounted docking safety levels to ensure a trouble-free shooting experience. The Beretta 92 and the Beretta M9 are renowned handguns highly praised by many police officials. They’re also the choice of many military officials for their marvelous accuracy and power.




This handgun drifts away from the conventional Italian style handgun, incorporating  a more modern look to the 9mm pistol. Its technological advancements are evident in the form of a double-action auto option. 

The finger grooves that provide extra grip to the user are a distinguishing feature of this pistol. Its design is specific to ambidextrous use along with slide release levers and magazine release. These features enable you to handle this gun in tough conditions as well. 

The polymer-made compact design along with multiple grips makes this handgun easy to hold and use. Furthermore, it is 5.6 inches tall and 7.55 inches long, with a barrel length of 4.25 inches and 1.3 inches width. It also has a great unloaded weight of 28.24 ounces and holds 17 plus 1 round of 9mm bullets. 

You should consider this handgun if you are interested in synthetic tactical handguns that possess a modern look. 

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