Ma Deuce .50 Cal Machine Gun - What Does ‘Ma Deuce’ Mean?

Ma Deuce .50 Cal Machine Gun - What Does ‘Ma Deuce’ Mean?


In service since 1933, few firearms have seen as much action as the Browning M2 ‘Ma Deuce’ .50 Cal Machine Gun. With its own long and storied history, new collectors or history enthusiasts might pause to ask - what does ‘Ma Deuce' mean?

The meaning behind ‘Ma Deuce' is a simple one for the “mother of all machine guns.” This is just an ode to the M2 designation. The 

A better question to ask instead of what ‘Ma Deuce’ means is what the M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun is capable of, and that’s a question that’s been answered many ways, in places like France, Germany, Vietnam, and Afghanistan.

Used as a medium infantry support weapon, anti-aircraft gun, anti-boat gun, and even a sniper rifle, the ‘Ma Deuce’ is a historic firearm. If you’re looking to restore an M2, check out these parts that other ‘Ma Deuce’ M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun owners have needed.