Top 8 Most Suitable Guns for Beginners (Part 1)

Top 8 Most Suitable Guns for Beginners (Part 1)

There is a wide variety of styles, brands, calibers, and handguns to choose from. Without experience and knowledge of handling a firearm, buying your first gun can be overwhelming. Continue reading to learn the essential criteria for effective gun selection.


Here are some important factors that should be kept in mind before purchasing a handgun:

  • Fit
    Fit is the most important thing to consider when choosing a handgun. First-timers should select a full-size handgun with an approximately 5-inch barrel. A full-sized handgun makes it convenient to shoot because it has a larger area to grip and a longer radius.
  • Safety
    If self-defense is the primary focus of purchasing a gun, then it is advisable to choose a handgun without much external safety. This is helpful in a critical and dangerous situation where one might forget to disengage the safety.
  • Sights
    Since most self-defense encounters occur in poorly lit places, it is important to get a gun with night sights.
  • Action
    For beginners, it is better to buy a striker-fired handgun. This is because the trigger pull is identical each time. In these guns, the back of the slide is flat and lacks an exposed hammer.


The beginners need to find the right model that makes it easy to draw, aim, and fire with ease. We have listed some of the best handguns for beginners.


Introduced in 1988, GLOCK 19 is the subcompact variant of the famous GLOCK 17. GLOCK 19 is a semi-automatic, polymer-framed, and recoil-operated handgun known for its notable reliability. It has a rugged exterior and rectangle slide. GLOCK 19 has become one of the most famous handguns and is known for its classic design. 
The G19 has a compact design that is preferable for concealed carry. In addition, GLOCK 19 supplies 15 rounds of 9×19mm Luger ammunition. This gives it an edge over other models. There are several varieties of GLOCK handguns available in every caliber and configuration. But due to its versatility, G19 is best suited for beginners.

CZ 75 B

CZ 75 B is considered a metal frame alternative to the GLOCK. Introduced in 1975, CZ 75 B, is a relatively inexpensive all steel-handgun that is designed in the Czech Republic. It is a hammer-fired and semi-automatic handgun. It was initially intended only for export purposes. But CZ 75 quickly became successful in its homeland. This double and single-action (DA/SA) handgun is fed from a staggered feed magazine. 

Its manual safety allows it to be carried in cocked and locked condition. The safety can be disengaged with the thumb when the gun is drawn from its holster. This enables single-action consistency from one shot to another. In addition, it allows you to squeeze the trigger again to cock and release the hammer, in instances where the slide doesn’t enter the battery immediately.

FN 509

FN 509 is an effective tactical handgun that is best suited for self-defense, competition shooting, and law enforcement. FN 509 is a striker-fired gun fed from a 10-, 17- or 24-round magazine. It is available in flat dark earth or black color. 509 is a semi-automatic, double-action pistol.  It has optics compatibility since its slides are cut to accept adapter plates for different reflector sites. Moreover, it is convenient for left-handed shooters. It has ambidextrous controls such as a slide-stop lever and a push-button magazine release. Furthermore, you can attach a suppressor for your ease.

A 9mm caliber works best for new shooters because it’s easy to handle. But first-time gun owners need to gather all the information about caliber, size, ammo, and the functionality of the gun before making a decision.