RUGER LCP: The Perfect Pocket Pistol?

RUGER LCP: The Perfect Pocket Pistol?

By Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, Posted in Handgun
August 13, 2019

For a practical pocket pistol, the Ruger LCP is capable of handling the requirements of any situation while allowing for concealed carrying. The small size and sleek design of the pistol makes it easy to hide and allows for quick access. Since it’s on the small side for size and weight in the 380 ACP class, carrying the pistol isn’t too much of a burden in most situations. The Ruger LCP lives up to the Ruger brand reputation in reliability for any defense-type scenario. With a price point around $200, significantly less than the leading competition, the Ruger LCP has considerable advantages.

The Ruger LCP weighs in at only 9.4 ounces with a barrel length of 2.75 inches and an overall length of just over 5 inches. The stock magazine holds six rounds, plus one chambered. This allows ample opportunity to defend oneself in most situations. Given the compact nature of the pistol, some of the features can be cumbersome for larger hands. In particular, the slide lock can be difficult to use, but in an emergency, the need to manipulate the lock seems negligible in comparison to the overall benefits of its compact design. There have also been complaints that the magazine release needs to be pressed too far into the handgrip, although again, this complaint typically comes from people with larger thumbs. That said, this complaint is less common than the slide lock one.

The short barrel, compact style, and fixed sights make for limited range and accuracy. Shooting over 25 feet is not a practical feature for this pistol. For anything under the 25-foot range, however, even a mediocre shooter can put together a fair group. The fixed sights are not a good feature on this pistol, as they are small and make it harder to get a good sight picture. On the upside, numerous YouTube videos show different ways to customize and improve the sights. These simple videos show different ways of improving the front sight visibility at home, as well as custom milling work. The stock sights are one of the biggest downfalls of this model. 

Another detriment to accuracy is the length of the trigger pull. The long trigger pull, with its compact size, can make for an awkward feel while shooting. The tradeoff for the long trigger pull is a lesser chance of an accidental firing while the pistol is concealed or being drawn. Again, the primary purpose of the pistol is not long-range accuracy or speed shooting, so the tradeoff for safety and concealability is well worth it to many shooters. 

The .380 ACP caliber may not have the stopping power that some people prefer for self-defense, but the size and power are tradeoffs that should be considered before purchasing. The larger caliber pistols, such as the 9mm, weigh around 18 to 20 ounces. With this in consideration, the Ruger LCP is around half of the average pistol size. Its overall smaller size gives it indisputable leverage in the pistol’s concealability game. The smaller caliber of the Ruger LCP ensures that the recoil will be easier to control than that of a higher caliber pistol.

The LCP comes in a wide variety of colors. They can range from black to different shades of camo, as well as eccentric pink, blue and many more. The wide range of options in colors means there is a color combination that will fit anyone's taste. 

Several accessories can also be added to the pistol along with front sight customizations. There is a significant variety of aftermarket holsters and pocket holsters available in addition to the diverse amount of laser sights. For those with larger hands who have trouble with the small size of the grip, there are magazine extensions that allow for more accuracy and comfort.

An overview of the Ruger LCP suggests that the benefits far outweigh the cons of the functionality when it comes to the primary purpose of its design. Along with the size and price compared to other pocket-sized .380 APCs, this pistol is a great choice for anyone who needs to conceal carry a lightweight pistol. 

The ease of customization, along with the wide range of colors that the LCP can accommodate, allows for a considerable level of individuality. The reliability gives the owner confidence that the pistol will fire on command without having to worry about functionality. To achieve the compact, lightweight, and easy to carry pistol that Ruger made with the LCP, Ruger had to make some compromises in their accuracy (smaller sights) and shooting comfort (small grip size, difficult slide lock, and magazine release manipulation). However, these compromises were made to suit the primary benefits of this pistol, which are keeping it small and easy to conceal; Ruger accomplished this without diminishing the reliability, which is a huge plus. Overall, the price point and reliability of the LCP are two major factors that make this pistol difficult to pass up for anyone seeking a lightweight, compact pistol at a more than reasonable price point.