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Hi All, I am looking for a breech plug for a traditions thunderbolt 50 caliber muzzleloader.  Would anyone know if one from another model would fit? or where I could get one. Also need a wrench f ...
by vasasmotorsports
2 117 10/27/2022 09:58 AM
I am trying to track down a trigger assembly for a Winchester X-150 Muzzleloader. I have contacted BPI, Deer Creek, and Numrich, but have had no success. I also checked Ebay and searched the part (#29 ...
by dbatke
1 110 10/26/2022 03:56 AM
i need a help, Im looking for a Mainspring for my revolver. But I dont know the measure of one i Saw on this site. Mine is about, 2.87 Inc (7.3cm) Can anyone help me?
by Zeflor
3 254 10/06/2022 12:50 AM
I am looking for the complete hammer assembly for the Ardesa Spain 50 Cal. black powder only rifle.  It is the double trigger.  Something has broke inside the assembly and the hammer will no ...
by George924377
4 5383 10/06/2022 12:47 AM
I have the Numrich Arms underhammer pistol serial 90991.  Appears to be 50  caliber smooth bore with 7" barrel.   Does anyone have any information on the date of manufacture of the ...
by rhilder7399
3 315 10/04/2022 04:52 AM
Today was the first time I was disapointed with Numrich Arms, excessively disapointed. I called "customer service" attempting to find ANY information on a muzzle loading rifle I picked up, and the&nb ...
by Jack807181
10 6788 07/15/2022 03:49 AM
The kid next door recentlyy acquired a Hopkins and Allen .45 caliber muzzleloader from his grandpa. It needed a frizzen spring which we found and replaced.  My question is where can I find any r ...
by robert.shimko
4 709 06/14/2022 01:00 AM
Question for Numrich techs: I ordered this stock a week ago. It has inletting that serves no purpose for this model rifle (left pic).  Are all these stocks configured like this or is this a flu ...
by larrydwaldon
0 2520 01/03/2022 09:43 AM
I just acquired the remains of the KA704 Colonial Pistol Kit from an auction and am trying to figure it out.  Looks like it was never completed and probably missing some parts.  Does anyone ...
by Slywuf
0 407 12/29/2021 02:20 PM
  Looking for (1) 7012 wedge and (2) 512B thimble screws. Anybody have any suggestions? I've tried Thompson.  Thanks in advance
by hix3
1 237 12/24/2021 03:29 AM