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Numrich Arms Swivel [Rotating] Two-Barrel .45 Cal Muzzle Loader

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Posted: October 2, 2017 12:52 PM

Today was the first time I was disapointed with Numrich Arms, excessively disapointed.

I called "customer service" attempting to find ANY information on a muzzle loading rifle I picked up, and the  person I was conncted to was very much less than useless. He could not do anything except read from the computer screen in front of him. He did not know what type of firearms that he was referencing. His lack of knowledge saw astonishing!

When I asked for someone who might actually be able to help me, he pretty much blew me off with a comment that there was nobody else available, and I should go to the forums.

In that vein, I ask for assistance.

I picked up a muzzle loadiong swivel barrel rifle, .45 cal, [two detent balls holed the barrels in-line with hammer] with only these markings:

"NUMRICH ARMS    WEST HURLEY NY" on the barrel, and "WARRANTED" on the lock plate.

I need an accurate model name, a parts list, recommended load data, and a schematic if at all possible.

The rifle is on good shape, except for the main spring, which is so weak the hammer just "flops" around, and does not supply enough enough pressure to fire a cap.

Attached pictures are the lock, lock removed showing swivel mechanism, lock reverse, and barrel markings.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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Posted: October 2, 2017 08:55 PM

Thank you. I appreciate the effort, but most of that info is known, and some is not relevent to this rifle.

Might you tell me exactly who "OUR HOST" actually is?

Because if "our host" is Numrich Arms, they evidently have nobody who knows anything, or is actually willing to help with this specific firearm.  Since they sold it, they must have a filing cabinet with a copy of the literature that would have been shipped with the rifle, or a .pdf copy.

As I stated, I am looking for specific info on this rifle.  Normally rifles came with load recommendations, i.e.: bulet weights and types [what is the recommended size/weight bullet?], as well as powder charge [I can handle the 3f BP, as I have several .45 Cal front stuffers] and a parts list. I might also have a 'V' spring that will work, or can find one, that was not my primary concern.

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Posted: October 3, 2017 11:10 AM

Who is our HOST?  Read the page is there in Big Letters..What I told you is all I have on it..It was a limited production run about 50 years ago made in either Spain or Italy Since it was NOT a massive production run..very little on it has ever been recorded  basically they are throways and not intended to be repaired...Some were offered as kits in the first couple of years..You MIGHT be able to find copies of that paperwork with ABBY at firm that specializes in such things.As for .45 caliber loading data, is commonplace...hardly ever specific to a particular firearm..With is loaded by Volume and technique is more important than actual charge weight......You can access the STANDARD safety precautions for 45 cal BP loads in a hundred places on the  web

That said..The firearm was not often malfunctioned..almost always failed to line up on rotation and many misfires resulted..As for Numrich tried to tell you..I don't have to be political on it..They advised..internally..on supplying anything on the gun because it failed badly(likely the reason you found one in near top condition)..because it is apt to end up being subject to lawsuits..they stopped servicing it years or advice and limited they info on the computer  In a was a cheap gun..both in price and quality that failed and has been disowned.....If it were mine..It would be hung on the wall as a BAD EXAMPLE..IMHO,of course.....


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Posted: June 18, 2018 11:51 PM (This post was last edited June 18, 2018 11:52 PM)

I bought mine in 1973 and

fired it numerous times in N Dakota.   Last weekend for the first time in 41 years it hit the range again.  I have to say I was still impressed.   440 dia round ball over 80 grains FFF powder.  Shot straight, kicked like a mule, 2 inch group at 50 yards and the others at the range said........What was that?  As I boomed away.   12 shots in an hour.  Talk about rapid fire.  Next week on vacation my grown son is just drooling at the chance of hitting a range up north. 

Fine gun, just load it right, tight patch, good lube and hold it firm, it kicks. 



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Posted: July 15, 2022 03:49 AM (This post was last edited July 15, 2022 03:57 AM)

The gun it frequently malfunctions, most of the time does not line up when spinning and many fires and explosions. phrazle weaver wordle