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I am trying to disassemble a 1908 Winchester Model 94 .32 caliber and have run into a problem. I cannot get the magazine tube out. So far everythi ...
by craiglists222
3 42 02/16/2020 04:35 PM
I am in need of a [u]Magazine Spring[/u] and [u]Hinged Floorplate[/u] for a Mossberg 810 bh 7mm Mag. I have searched “Google’ for these parts, called or stopped at every gun dealer in my area and have ...
by dkeyes
9 5916 02/15/2020 09:24 AM
i have a rossi mod 62sa with a broken cartrige stop rossi part # 1080020b. its a simple flat piece that i could fabricate if i had a dimensional drawing or even a tracing of an actual part. anybody ...
by dogone55
1 41 02/15/2020 09:23 AM
Can anyone help me find a spring I can use as a replacement hammer spring on my 2921 game getter? It was bent in 2 spots and was unsalvageable. I used a torch to straighten it for measurements.&nbs ...
by nokool61
2 55 02/15/2020 09:17 AM
Jeb, this question is directed to you since you are our pro on this process...when bluing, how long do you leave your parts in the bluing salts? Once the part is blued I wash it with soap and water t ...
8 3489 02/13/2020 01:49 PM
Like a fool I jumped both feet right smack into a project I though might make a great winter project. Gun tinker hubby died, left house stuffed with all manner of busted guns. I fou ...
by Rex in OTZ
3 715 02/11/2020 09:24 AM
Hello I'm working on a Savage model 24-410  the receiver looks to be color case hardened,I was wondering can this be rust blued or will it need to be blued  in some other way. ...
by Wade1255559
5 68 02/02/2020 09:36 AM
I have been trying to relocate a firing pin for this rifle. On another site I purchased a bolt with a firing pin that the company claims is for the Akasaka99. I had the bolt installed by a gunsmith ...
by Kevin_curry2000
1 64 01/31/2020 07:18 PM
I was just given a Winchester 1890 .22 WRF.   By serial number it was built in 1922.  The rear sight is of a type I’m not familiar with.  I believe it is original.  There ...
by BeagleHunter
1 71 01/29/2020 02:59 PM
Hello All, Looking for advice on whether it is possible to change the grip angle on a factory Mossberg 500 wooden stock. I have one, and I would like the grip angle to be a steeper angle, f ...
by clicco125
1 87 01/24/2020 05:39 PM