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[url]http://www.gunpartscorp.com/pub/ProductImage/267160.jpg[/url] [url]http://www.gunpartscorp.com/ad/268290.htm#267160F[/url] i ordered a triger return spring for Iver Johnson new model safe ...
by markgasmo
2 31 08/17/2017 05:14 AM
customer brought S&W 64 that seems to be DAO. You can lock back as single action,but when you pull the trigger, the trigger pushes back and does not fire single action. double action is okay. Did ...
by JohnWillis
1 70 08/03/2017 06:19 PM
Inherited it and everything is in very good condition except the barrel, which is pitted so badly the lands cannot be seen in places (bore-scoped). If a new barrel can be obtained, what is needed f ...
by Dan 1266098
4 51 07/29/2017 10:15 AM
Hi, Last week, I ordered several parts for my old Marlin 49DL. (.22 LR semi-auto) All the parts went in well, with the exception of the recoil spring. It seemed much too long. I did give it a try, ...
by James1257821
10 276 07/11/2017 06:04 PM
I have a Marlin 39A that is giving me fits!!!!  According to my limited knowledge the rifle was made in 1956 (serial#  N38**) which makes it an "early" model.  However,  the milled ...
2 136 07/10/2017 05:31 PM
Zeke....if you see this one, do you know, or have heard of a man named Mike Priwer ? He is supposed to be the S&W Guru. I am trying to restore an old 1899 model, and need some parts and info. ?....tha ...
by JEB
11 3616 07/10/2017 11:29 AM
I got a commemerative winchester 94 in the other day that has a ton of carving, checkering on it.  The owner left it in a gun sock inside of its fitted case and the oil finish turned gummy.  ...
by gunner P
1 101 07/05/2017 04:17 PM
Hello everyone, i have a stevens model 77m with a broken cartridge stop, the problem is how to get the pivot nut off the cartrdge stop screw to replace it, with the one i purchased from our host. thx ...
by gene959212
2 183 06/20/2017 03:41 PM
I'm tring to fix the misfires on my nieces Sig mosquito. I've reworked the extractor so it will hold a cartridge,  polished the ramp, to stop jambs,  I'm still getting 1 or 2 misfires in ...
by Sam1248816
1 112 06/18/2017 11:54 PM
I have purchased your uncheckered Remington trap stocks in the past and while I believe they are a real value the recoil pad screws should be loosened or the pad should be taken off when the stocks ar ...
by Joe779627
1 151 06/16/2017 10:23 AM