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I have a marlin 1895 GS and I want a big loop lever. I want to know if a big loop lever 1895 SS can fit on my 1895 Gs 
by vervilledavid
1 9 09/29/2020 08:58 AM
When I look through the internet, I note that the .223 Remington and 5.56 mm NATO are the best in business. Most of the Military cartridges comprise of the thicker walls. The 5.56 NATO is a perfect ...
by info
2 25 09/29/2020 06:51 AM
by Numrich Archiver
2 316 09/28/2020 03:30 PM
by John571064
1 223 09/10/2020 04:25 PM
I'm working on one of the 311 series of Savage Stevens shotguns. I've got three parts that I don't know what to do with. The part on the right is listed in one of the schematics I've found as a "fi ...
by Kevin1118152
1 32 09/09/2020 09:44 AM
I have a Hopkins and Allen top break 22 revolver. I think it is the small frame model. The timing or indexing (whichever you want to call it) is off. I need to know what piece I need to fix it and ...
by BrianG
1 28 09/09/2020 09:33 AM
I have been contracted by the very, very picky folks of Griffin & Howe, to help in some restoration projects. They liked my work on bolt jeweling, and have sent me several to do. There particular styl ...
by JEB
1 2003 09/09/2020 06:14 AM
I have a Mossberg 42b that I have been trying to get backing shooting again for my son in law.  I've never seen the  gun in one piece. When I got it it had been taken apart  so I hav ...
by teddystephens97
1 429 09/07/2020 04:54 PM
I have an 11-48 made about '62 and it's been turned into a "tactical'' gun. The barrel has been cut to 19" and a pistol grip stock added. I bought it in this ...
by DOUG749028
1 63 09/05/2020 08:38 AM
My rifle is missing a bolt. Is there any other bolts that would fit this 8mm Mauser. Would a kar 98 bolt fit being that it’s basically a replica of one ? Please help   
by Mauser89
3 46 08/17/2020 11:45 PM