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Bausch and Lomb and Kuharsky Bros. scope rings

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Posted: August 14, 2012 02:06 PM
[size=8][/size]Doe enyone know the thread size of the screws on a Bausch and Lomb or Kuharsky Bros.spring type scope ring set?
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Posted: September 16, 2012 06:11 PM

I see no one answered this, so I dug into the back of one of my gun safes and came up with a Model 70 Winchester that has a B&L scope and mounts on it...one of those set ups where the adjustment...both windage and elevation are in the base and not the scope. The B&L rings bear a resemblence to the Weaver style top rings in that one side is a hook over arrangement and the other side has two screws..I pulled one screw and checked it..it is a 6-40 fillister head screw about 3/8" long..The set up works as advertised All the info I have on the Kuharsky brothers is that were from erie Pa and in 1965 they produced a mount identical in form and function to the B&L "Custom" Mount system but only for the Mannlicher-Schnauer, The SMLE and the Savage 325/340/342 orignally the set up retailed for around $20 with all the bells and whistles..the current market is about $50-$100 for the Savage and SMLE add another $100 for the M/S B&L introduced their set-up about 1949 and switched over to the "Trophy" style in 1968 along with their internal adjustment scopes..BTW The first Anmerican Scoper maker to produce an internal cross hair adjustment scope was Morgan James...if you should stumble across one of his att a yard sale and you can get it for under $1500 snap it up current market is about $2000 average and for a perfect unit $3000...and..the power was approx 11X definition was excellent...very few were ever made Ca 1865.......

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Posted: September 16, 2012 06:31 PM

Thanks Zeke. I had lost one but it turned up again.