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early model ruger 44mag carbine

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mark 864797
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Posted: March 28, 2013 03:16 PM
I have an early 60's ruger 44mag carbine that has the trigger guard that was famous for breaking off where it fits into thr reciever.I ordered and have recieved one from numrich that is different than the original.Sales tell me to go to forum to ask this question.I can easilly file off material from the one i've got but can see that this area has tool marks from what I can only describe as a "T" slot cutter.There is certainly a reason this one is different than ruger's original but I was told I'd have to go to the forum to ask about it. It was explained that the tecnitions wouldn't be able to say much about it without actually having the two trigger guards in their hands to comment.Ruger has phased this model out long ago,most likely because it was a bad design.
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Posted: March 28, 2013 04:52 PM

Number One..Chances are that the part you got from Numrich is a factory second of some sort Buying up and sorting out the "dropsies" is common. Like...When a manufacturer drops a model from its catalog..a company like Numrich Arms/Gun Parts Corp buys them up...if a compnay goes out of buisness..Numrich/GPC buys up the residual parts. That said, The M44 was known for its problems. The recievers cracked(frt rec ring under the between the holes D&T'd for scope bases) to all sorts of feeding issues, but mainly from handloaders pushing the 44 Magnum reloads beyond limits of the carbine. basically, since this gun is no longer made and few to no aftermarket replacement parts are being have to work with what you have and from what i can are concern about a cosmetic issue..tool have said nothing about how these tool marks are afecting fit or for looking different..Ruger has a history of making changes in a model and then listing the parts as being only for a certain serial number sequence.......Since I am having a problem determining exactly what your problem is, I'll have to ask you to redefine it  maybe post some pictures and expressing what your concern is..Sorry......