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Posted: October 29, 2012 02:28 AM
Been using this stuff for about 5 yrs now to do anodized receivers, that cant be blued, and also shotguns etc. that are used around salt water. It works great, and my customers love it. The problem with it is the cost. 26.00 for a 4 oz. can. You can barely do two long guns with it. I have spent a stack of 100.00 bills on this stuff. Did some research, found a company that makes basically the same stuff. Its a silica-ceramic coating, with the same ingredients as Cerama-Coat, but it is used in the automotive industry for treating high temp parts, headers, exhaust manifolds etc. I tried a can of the flat black....you cure it the same way as the Cerama-Coat, and I am getting the same results! Plus......its 9.49 for an 11 oz. can! and you dont have to order it from a gunsmith supply house. Its available from your local auto parts supply store. Run a google on VHT Flameproof coatings, and you can read all about it. I,m all about saving money on supplies in the gunshop, without compromizing quality, this stuff works. Makes sense to me. I can do 2 long guns with the Cerama-Coat, for 26.00 + shipping, = over 30.00, or I can do 6 long guns for 9.49 + tax, 10.00 something, with the auto store, VHT Flameproof....flat black. Makes economic sense to me, and survivability in this business is what its all about, without compromizing your quality of work. OK....I will shut up. Just wanted to pass along to other smiths'. .....jeb.
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Posted: January 26, 2013 04:33 PM

Jeb would you mind sharing your prep work before you use the VHF,I am interested in other coatings beside Duro coat and cero coat for my clients.How has the finish held up to in the field ? Do you use a media blaster, and if you do what type of grit? I hope you don't mind all the ?.?.?? But I am learning and want to do a good job. Thank you Mtn Jack