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I have noticed that the reproduction Artillery Luger snail drums have disappeared from the website. Are they ever going to be in stock again?
by Giovanni1229046
2 28 11/20/2017 09:49 AM
i have acquired an AMT automag v .50 cal. couple months ago I found mags for it for $10. now suddenly I can find them anywhere close to that price. does anyone know where to find them for that chea ...
by j.leonhart87
1 24 11/15/2017 10:09 AM
Just acquired a really nice Daewoo DP52 .22LR with factory box. manual and one factory 10-shot magazine. It has an early Kimber import mark (Oregon address). It is an all-steel clone of the ...
by John814426
1 17 11/14/2017 11:13 AM
Hey Everyone, New here, but after calling so many times I was recommended to try posting here. I have an Astra Constable 9 mm Corto (.380) with identification code S1 (1974). I have been trying to ...
by TheKryptKeeper
2 1228 11/10/2017 09:40 PM
Hello, This sill make my seconf month searching for a sideplate screw for an old German police CZ model 27 pistol. That is the only part that is missing. It is number 15 on the Gunparts Schematic.. ...
by bob5674
4 458 11/10/2017 08:33 PM
 My twin brother (Retire Amy) Recently passed away. leaving me his old colt single action frontier Scout. .22 cal LR. The Revolver was completely striped down into parts. Included in the milit ...
by jjandsons
1 28 11/08/2017 10:05 AM
I have an HS mod 21s. Used to shoot it alot as a kid. Seem to remember it wasnt all that accurate. Years later I found it in my dads stuff. Tried to shoot it and realized the rear sight is missing. ...
by Dutschketodd
1 21 11/07/2017 10:07 AM
Hi, does the "Barrel Shroud Assembly, .500 S&W Mag., 7 1/4", Stainless, Product #: 1530530" or "Barrel, .500 S&W Mag, 8-3/8", Stainless (Threaded), Product #: 1530520 ...
by Ole Thomas1224252
2 19 11/06/2017 04:53 PM
Hello i am Sarching for a drum Star for a Dan Wesson Model 15-VH 357 Maximum. Anybody knows where i can find some?    Thank You 
by Booster
1 22 11/06/2017 11:01 AM
I'm trying to find a pair of the allen head set screws, which screw down into the dimples in the dovetail cut in the slide. Any help finding them would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks 
by allred509
1 19 11/06/2017 10:59 AM