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Colt Police Positive Special Barrel Change

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Posted: February 8, 2019 02:10 PM

I have a Colt Police Positive Special (Third Issue) with a 4 inch barrel.  I would like to shorten the barrel (change) to 2 or 3 inch, and if possible, shrouded.  Does anyone know if any of the other Colt D frame barrel would be compatible with my frame?  I see that the Cobra and the "old" model Detective Special have barrels that are available. Thanks, Jim

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Posted: February 9, 2019 09:45 AM

I do not know what level of gunsmithing experience you I'll respond as if you re new to the trade.

Changing a barrel is NOT just unscrew one and screw in a new one and your done......First.....Revolver frames should be considered to be fragile......One method used...back in the day...was to hog out a hollow in a matching pair of hardwood blocks.....treating the barrel with a release agent......fill in the hogged area with a stock bedding compound and clamping it around the barrel to form a set of support blocks...the gun and these blocks were mounted in a very sturdy bench vise placed I such a way so that a lever(usually a hardwood hammer handle) was inserted thru the cylinder window in the frame...then leaned on to break the high torque used to seat the barrel.....more often that not..the frame suffered some damage...from minor cracks to major frame bending......Take a look at your old barrel......take note of the number of things that are part of it that are  absolute clock position items...sights....ejector rod shroud..etc  when you screw it in,,these MUST clock...almost doesn't do it.....Take a look at the frame and cylinder...snap the cylinder shut...take note of the gap between the face of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel.....That is  a very exact gap.....if it is to wide and you need to screw the barrel in deeper...and you face off some contact points......all those things on the barrel that used to clock....are now have to do a proper barrel setback and adjust all those things that are based on barrel position and rotation


There are tools to make all this easier...but...changing the barrel will not be a cheap way of getting a short barrel will be an expensive way if you are only ever going to do one...cheaper to hire a pistolsmith to do it od better yet...send it back to colt for the work

For help now........go to

and check out the factory manual for the Colt you covers several has the shank thread profiles and even the math for a barrel shows the tools that you will need to rent,borrow or buy  The book is by Jerry Kuhnhausen and the books on the Colt Double Action revolvers(there are 2 because the info is longer than most guns) If you go to the website and pull up these SKU#'s

924-299-001 AB



These will tell you how and why,our host may also have these books...but the last time I looked I didn't see them. Both Brownells and have the and tutorials on most gunsmithing projects



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