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Looking for a Interarms Virginian Dragoon .44 mag barrel

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Posted: September 30, 2010 11:50 PM
I picked up an Interarms Single Action Virginian Dragoon .44 mag ('76)sometime ago. Just recently when I sent it in to the smith to get it refinished, they found a crack in the barrel near the forcing cone. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a barrel, doesn't matter if it's used or new, as long as it's functional. The Dragoon is a great revolver, sturdy and reliable, and I'd hate to have to hang it up. I appreciate any help anyone can give!
Alan in Nevada1
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Posted: October 1, 2010 02:29 AM

Inasmuch as Numrich/Gun Parts Corp.doesn't list the Virginia Dragoon, try:

www.brownells.com (parts for certain late-production firearms only)


Bob's Gun Shop at www.gun-parts.com, or www.gunparts@hsnp.com and (501) 767-1970


Out Back Gun Parts (812) 945-0480

www.jackfirstgun.com (605) 343-9544


Rusted&Busted Bob's Box 24 Whitmore Ca. 96096


Western Gun Parts, www.westerngunparts.com/default.htm, 1-403-489-5711 (Canada)

Jim Wisner (206/360) 748-8942 360-748-4590 www.wisnerinc.com (obsolete firearms parts)


Ken's Parts and Guns in Irving, TX


lnh555@sbcglobal.net and randyman@ncidata.com (Broomhandle Mauser parts)

www.1896mauser.com/index.html (Broomhandle Mauser parts)

http://www.buymilsurp.com and http://www.surplusbunker.com (parts for various imported and military surplus guns)

Glend Arms Mfg. Co., PO Box 361, Secane, Pa. 19018 (manufacturer of firing pins)

Marstar Canada www.marstar.ca (British Commonwealth military arms)


www.ssporters.com (parts for old handguns, curios and relics)

Liberty Antique Gunworks, 19 Key St., Eastport, Me. 04631 (207) 853-4116

(obsolete S&W parts)

High Standard parts (203) 239-1012


Hoosier Gun Parts, www.hoosiergunworks.com

Marty's Gunsmithing, 371 Spring Valley Rd. Elko, NV. 89801 Ph. (207)738-2666 (obsolete Remington parts)

www.oldwestgunsmith.com, dave@oldwestgunsmith.com (old handguns, esp. Smith & Wesson parts)





Tom Heller, Heller Arms, Ltd., P O Box 398, St Charles MO 63302 Phone: (636) 447-3006 E-mail: hellerarms@webtv.net


G.S. Armatt,Inc. 335 Gay Road, Zebulon, NC 27597, (919) 269-8449, armatt@aol.com

Earls Repair Service, Inc. , 437 R Chandler St. Tewksbury, Ma., 01876

978-851-2656. http://carlwalther.com (Walther parts and service)

http://www.topgunsupply.com/gun-parts/ (Glock, GSG-5, HK, Kahr, Sig Sauer, Wilson, AR15)

www.bersafirearmsusa.com (Parts for Bersa, Firestorm (Llama) and Comanche (Llama) handguns)

Unique/M.A.P.E 10 Les Allees F-64700 Hendaye FRANCE (Parts for French-made guns)

www.tanfoglioparts.com (Parts for Tanfoglio-made autos, possibly including EAA Witnesses)

www.vtigunparts.com, mail@vtigunparts.com, VTI Gun Parts, PO Bx 509,Lakeville, Ct. 06039 (Parts for Uberti, Peitta, Pedersoli, Ruger, Colt and USFA replica and reproduction guns.)

John D. Bush. johnd.bush@yahoo.com and/or amsales@mindspring.com (Magazines and parts for FEG pocket autos and Tokarevs)

.Miga Gun Parts, a division of Midway Guns, PO Box 569, 9754 E Oglethorpe

Hwy, Midway, GA 31320, Phone: 912-884-5616 or 884-5597, e-mail:

midwayguns@coastalnow.net, www.galleryofguns.com, Ask for Penny

Dixie Gun Works in Union City Tenn (Colt and replica handgun parts)

John A. Kopec (916)472-3438 (Colt grips)

Egyption Helwan parts: M&M Gunsmithing (703)739-2150

Old West Parts Bin, 1463 Funston Ave., San Francisco,Ca. 94122 (antique guns)

Stevens Sight & Tool Co., RD 1 Box 307C, Effort,Pa. 18330 (215)681-5670 (Old Stevens firearms)

Ed Cox..Circle C X Antiques. PO Bx 2197, Fernley Nv. 89408 (775)575-6205 (old handguns)

Springfield Sporters, (724) 254-2626, Mon-Fri 0900 to 1700 hrs EST/EDT

http://www.germanguns.de/exportindex.htm (German and maybe some other European firearms.)

PHH,Inc., 1330 Center Ave.,Pittsburgh,Pa. 15229 Ph#412-766-6100 (Ruger parts)

WAFFEN WIESER GESELLSCHAFT M.B.H. at http://web2.cylex.de/firma-home/waffen-wieser-gesellschaft-m-b-h--4384190.html or http://www.steyrwaffen.at (Parts for Steyr, and perhaps other old Austrian or German handguns)

www.fultonsofbisley.com or Terry Abram +44 (0) 1245 231753 (United Kingdom) (British Commonwealth guns)

www.thedealershowroom.com (military rifles and pistols)

For more listings go to http://www.brownells.com/categories.aspx?c=4815

Websites that may also have gun parts:










eBay (go to GUNSURPLUSPARTS, I think)

You might also find a broken or inoperable "parts gun" for sale on one of these websites, which can be cannibalized for the parts you need. You can sell the remaining parts on the internet, or this forum's host. Re-post here if you aren't familiar with purchasing guns across state lines.

Some vendors have a "wish-list" on their web pages....check their site for such a feature and add you wants to it.

Also, try to post on some want ads boards, (gunbroker.com has one as does auctionarms.com) or ask questions at some shooters forums. Search for some here: www.gunshow.net/links.htm

There's other possibilities if you don't have any luck with the above. Re-post here.

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Posted: October 1, 2010 10:39 AM

If no luck finding a barrel,you can cut the cracked part off.Then remachine the barrel to set it back 1(or as many as needed) threads.

George M
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Posted: October 1, 2010 10:44 AM

I would look into why it cracked. Is the frame damaged? Before cutting and rethreading, check for a bulge down stream from the forcing cone. a barrel obstruction might have caused enough pressure to bulge as wellas crack the barrel. George M.

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