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Numrich Bayonet Handle SKU 490590 looks like the early design, with straight cuts (not angled), but it's hard to tell from the photo.  Can anyone verify that for me? Mike
by Michael1236772
1 400 09/20/2017 03:30 PM
The picture on the website is the bolt that I am looking for. Is the picture of the actual  bolt that I will receive?  I would be very disappointed if I received a stamped bolt with light ...
by Bryan1185727
1 2 09/20/2017 03:28 PM
please advise the length of this barrel and will it fit my L.C. Smith double made by hunter arms co and can you send me a photo of that item before I order it 
by Jeffrey994307
1 3 09/20/2017 03:26 PM
Earlier in the year I purchased 5 Galil AR Parts kits and just recently delivered them to my builder.  He unpackaged and found that 3 of the 5 kits had issues with the top cover ...
by Stephen584490
1 6 09/20/2017 03:17 PM
I was wondering if the inert RPG 7 was capable of accepting and firing the 7.62x39 trainers that show up every once in a while.  I was also curious if you expected to get in anymore of the tra ...
by skvarrato
1 4 09/20/2017 03:07 PM
mfr. part # B1333296 was wondering the length of the pin? thank you
by Tcfarren
1 2 09/20/2017 03:05 PM
Is the "Handguard holder rear" for the 556 the same part as the .308? Are they interchangeable?  
by Tyler Durden
1 6 09/20/2017 03:02 PM
I am in need of the Mainspring retaining sleeve for a Cadet 310. 
by Kingsgr92557
1 7 09/20/2017 02:52 PM
Hello, I ordered a stripped magazine/trigger guard for a steyr 1886 straight pull and received a 1888 mannlicher Magazine. Do you only 8mm 1888 magazines or do you have the correct 11.15mm 1886 mag ...
by Eli633305
1 5 09/20/2017 02:43 PM
      Bolt, 6.5 Cal., CompleteManufacturer: ArisakaModel: Type 38Product #: 499700 ...
by danniearnold
1 6 09/20/2017 02:25 PM