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I need a new barrel for an H&R 158 Topper, 12GA, 3" chamber, 28" length.  GPC catalog lists several.  3 that look like they might work have the following Product # :  1054290, 10543 ...
by Stephen870087
1 46 08/01/2017 09:15 AM
Hello, The schematic for the H&R 949 revolver shows item #26 as PN: 276310E, hammer pin, blued. The picture for this pin shows the LH end knurled as it should be but does not show the RH end wi ...
by Irvin1262037
3 39 07/18/2017 07:50 AM
Hi, I am looking for a replacement locking bolt for my grandfathers old H&R 1908 pattern shotgun. I found SKU: 278590A which appears to be the part. I have two questions: 1) is the ...
by Timothy1263378
1 42 07/13/2017 07:40 AM
H&R Model 999 schematic shows part # 30 HOOK SLIDE & # 29 HOOK  This is differant from my part.       My S/N is 42392 I think date of manufacture is 1938 Question: Are t ...
by Larry1262994
1 46 07/12/2017 08:57 AM
Wanted - Magazine parts for H&R 348 Gamester Magazine tube retaining ring part #844190 Support for front of magazine tube - Don't have correct name or part #
by RANDY1242230
1 206 06/07/2017 08:50 AM
Hi ive been given a early h&r shot gun the stock and forend is damaged and iam lookin to replace them but iam not too sure what the difference is between the normal frame and the large frame is or ...
by Bo1230698
2 338 02/26/2017 05:42 AM
I'm trying to find the correct center pin for a .38 SW "American Bulldog". THis is not stamped "Young American Bulldog" rather, simply, "American Bulldog". While I'd prefer an original in nickel, I ...
by Tom1227104
1 368 01/22/2017 01:12 PM
It say it's a hammer made for h&r revolver 929. Specifically serial numbers starting with U (1958) onward. So does that mean there's no way it's going to fit for one with the serial no. starting w ...
by Alex1222195
1 460 01/08/2017 01:55 PM
I have a 38 top break in nice shape. Need a couple parts but I cannot find a definitive identification for this revolver. It appears to have a cursive looking IJ on the grips but it has no info on the ...
by thespoiler
4 791 12/26/2016 11:49 AM
Im looking for a replacement rear sight for this gun. Are any available? I've been looking. If none available, is anything available that can be substituted?
by Edwin1204116
1 709 12/26/2016 11:44 AM