H&R Model 923 part help

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Posted: March 21, 2013 10:15 PM
I inherited a 923 with an R serial number. I'm now the 3rd generation in my family to own it, and it's had countless rounds fired though it since my grandfather purchased it new. Unfortunately, the firing pin is no longer striking rounds consistently. Every 1 out of 4/5 pulls results in a fire...obviously problematic. Upon inspection I noticed the firing pin seems to have either broken off at the tip or worn down from so much use over the past ~58 years. When you push/force the hammer forward (barely any play BTW) the hammer BARELY protrudes through to the cylinder. I cannot see any means of removing or replacing the firing pin itself. It appears to be part of the hammer. While the dollar value of it is low from what I have seen online, its sentimental value to me is priceless. Any help would be appreciated in finding the proper part(s).