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Hello,  I have a Mossberg 472PCA lever actin 30-30 , when I put a shell in the magazine and cycle it all works perfectly, but if I put 2 or more shells in the magazine and lever it , it allows t ...
by rodneyreese600
1 94 08/11/2022 08:24 AM
Does Product No. 157320B fit  Mossberg 340 BA?
by clarity0691
1 47 07/26/2022 03:55 PM
Just wondering which tube length does this product fit, I notice from earlier answers it tends to change from time to time so I'm assuming it depends on the current batch that's in stock.
by michaelr
1 156 05/04/2022 07:25 AM
I have 2 westernfield m842 rifles and one mossberg chuckster 640ka and they all have the same safety but the website only list one style for all and the ones I ordered are different.  The new one ...
by Benjaminjones1985
1 71 04/27/2022 02:56 PM
Hello .    I have an old Wards Westernfield 20Ga single shot shotgun that I need a bolt assembly and butt plate for I can't find a serial or model number on the gun at all.It only has the ...
by karen968960
1 96 04/08/2022 07:04 AM
I am trying to find a reman or original firing pin if someone could point me the the part number that would be great! Thanks!
by ljibji
2 137 03/15/2022 12:20 PM
I ordered part number 2009630 for my 151ma and it is about 1 inch shorter than the original and the hole in the rear of the stock isn't the same shape. Should I have ordered part number 2009610 or did ...
by Chris1175809
1 87 03/01/2022 12:25 PM
 hi the model 800 barrel you have listed is the lighter 800 barrel w/front site or the heavier barrel for 800asm also what condition the rifling in and bluing
by oldjunk58
5 161 01/25/2022 08:33 AM
Mossberg 22lr barrel model# 144lsb What is bore/ rifling condition? Verify length at 27 1/2? Thanks !Wade
by Lonewoofs
1 114 01/06/2022 07:07 AM
  I ordered this stock for a Mossberg 350. The picture you have for it on the website looks correct. However, the one I received looks to have a barrel band cutout on the front, and isn`t able to ...
by Stacy1044408
4 220 12/23/2021 04:24 PM