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Sauer and Sohn (Hawes) western 6 shooter 22 caliber revolver

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Posted: August 5, 2010 02:51 PM
I have a revolver marked: "J.P. Sauer and Sohn, western six shooter 22 caliber manufactured for Hawes..." on the gun barrell. It appears to come with a 22 magnum cylinder as a 22 magnum shell inserts cleanly into the chamber, whereas a 22 LF shell seems to be a sloppy fit. However, I cannot find a marking anywhere on the cylinder that states that it requires 22 magnum (or regular 22 shells). The barrel states "22 caliber" but maybe the barrel is OK for magnum as well?? Not sure how Sauer marked their barrells or cylinders if any? The revolver is missing the complete ejector assembly for some unknown reason. I think I would like to re-install a new ejector and maybe some other parts but I am not sure what to order or even what shells I can use with this gun. Questions are as follows: 1) How can you tell me if this revolver is the 22 LR or 22 magnum version? 2) I notice you list caliber/shell specific 22LR and 22 magnum barrells and cylinders in your parts, can some things be interchanged (e.g. barrell)? 3) The ejector was removed for some reason? Could it be that magnum version does not work well with the "22" ejector? 4) I think minimum required parts are: 79360, 79380, 78860 and 79950. Not sure if gun also needs Ejector Tube Screw Insert? What is that?