Solothurn AT84S 9mm Para

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Posted: October 9, 2022 11:32 PM

I have a Solothurn AT84S 9mm Para that is having ejections issues but I can not find parts for it. In my research it appears my Solothurn is a copy of a Tanfoglio pistol. Can anybody confirm if indeed the Solothurn is a copy of a Tanfoglio and if so what model Tanfoglio parts will interchange with my Solothurn?

Markings on my Solothurn include,

  • Solothurn ITM Switzerland
  • Action Arms Philadelphia, PA
  • Solothurn AT84S 9mm Para 



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Posted: October 11, 2022 07:50 AM


  The Solothurn AT84S was made or assembled with Tanfoglio manufactured parts. See our E.A.A. Witness Full Size parts list for parts that should interchange. Thank you.