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Posted: April 27, 2022 02:27 PM

Hi guys

  • I have what I believe to be an Enfield Snider stock.What I would like to know is for what model would it be for or is it cut down?Maybe a value if there's any?Thx guys

I there

I have two rifle barrels.The one on top in the photo has no markings.The other reads Parker Hale Ltd. Birmingham England  CAL 308 N.MAG. Both barrels appear to be threaded the same.Any idea what guns these might fit on?I'm assuming the caliber is for 308 Norma magnum.Can't confirm on the other but just by eye it's possibly the same caliber.Thx,cheers

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  The stock shown looks like a Hawken type percussion muzzleloader stock. Hawken muzzleloaders have been made by many manufacturers over the years. However the trigger guard shows it could be an Enfield Snider cut down stock. Hard to tell from the photo.

  The barrels pictured are large ring  barrels that will work in commercial mausers such a Parker Hale rifles, Interarms Mark X rifles, or custom builds using mauser receivers.