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Does this go with the outer spring for the long extractor for P series pistols????
by info
1 27 11/29/2022 02:01 PM
I am looking at Product #2057680, listed as a .256. Is that bore or groove diameter?
by davidcamden5
1 23 11/23/2022 09:06 AM
Item number 533990 Long Range Volley Sight Rear Aperture for P14 is listed as new factory original. Is it newly manufactured reproduction or is it a new old stock originally manufactured during W ...
by steven_lu_223
1 37 11/21/2022 09:07 AM
What's the difference between the (.146) & (.146rd) with the rear sights parts list for the smith & wesson 357 model 66-5 rear sights
by Shotgun1
1 15 11/18/2022 07:21 AM
I purchased Product #: 1495870A for an Arminius HW7T. Upon receipt I determined the mounting hole positions were incompatible with the barrel (see attach photo rib.jpg for comparison of the original a ...
by flstc1584-info
4 62 11/17/2022 09:53 AM
I see you have 2 243 barrels for a weatherby vanguard.I have the older vanguard not s2,the barrel on it is 308 and has no sights,I would like to replace with 243 barrel,will either work and can't tell ...
by bsackenreuter
1 28 11/17/2022 07:12 AM
is this the varmint barrel ????  The muzzle diameter will tell,,,,,
by Chet622366
1 19 11/17/2022 07:08 AM
Is this the 9mm version???
by info
2 20 11/16/2022 04:21 PM
I understand that the Bren L4s have a slightly smaller face on the breech block.  I've tried to determine if any of the ones show on your site are for this caliber, but no luck.  Do you all ...
by 757jetip
1 37 11/15/2022 09:56 AM
Does the Hammerli Xesse magazine part #1939540 interchange with the Sigarms Trailside 22LR. The picture looks like the one I'm holding. I understand Hammerli made the Trailside for Sig based on the X- ...
2 21 11/10/2022 11:26 AM