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smith & wesson "regulation police" S&W .38

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Posted: February 20, 2013 11:39 AM
I tried to find my model on your site, not sure if you call by another name, but i can't find what i need. I ordered parts for a military and police model but the springs are to big and the thumbpiece nut is to small. I called in and didn't get anywhere, she said the tec said they should fit since they were K-frame parts. I believe my "regulation police" is off of an I-frame size, it has a serieal number of 27,xxx i'm guessing made around 1925. I need the thumbpiece nut, center pin spring, and extractor spring to start, maybe a few more parts. The extractor is threaded on the outside of the end, not inside and the push rod has a mushroom shape end with the threads on the inside of the other end that conects to the extractor. please help!!