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Frankenstien M1 carbine

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Posted: January 23, 2013 02:05 PM
I have a AR-7 (coasta mesa) Explorer in a slightly modified M1 carbine stock.  Here are the parts I think I need.  The gun currently has no barrel band, and I think part # 542490b would be the best choice.  Do you agree?  Second, the gun currently has no hand guard. (top piece of stock made of wood covering part of the barrel)  There are no modifications to the lower forearm portion part of the stock so I see no reason a regular hand guard shouldn't work.  Not sure of the sight line from the AR-7 rear ghost ring to the front bead sight, because I dont know how tall the hand guard is but I think I can deal with that.  Lastly,  I have no butt plate, but the butt end of the stock has a "Wavey cut to it, not a straight flat cut.  The length from the rear of the trigger guard to the "wavey" end of the stock is 13 1/8 inches.  I'm wondering if the stock was shortened at the point where the sling went thru the stock.  I just have solid stock, no place for the sling to go thru.  Could I get your opinion as to the most correct barrel band, I dont want the bayonet type, and your opinion on any other things I haven't thought of.....  Thanks in advance .... Harry
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Posted: February 4, 2013 01:29 PM

From what i have read you have things figured out.  The item 542490, which does not have the bayonet lug sems like it is your best bet. The hand guard is straight forward also, just depends upon what one you want to order since there are many choices.  Below is a link to all of the Stocks and Handguards.


As for the length of your stock, I measured a couple M1 Carbine stocks that we have and they were 12 1/2" fom end of Trigger Guard to end of stock.  The ones i measured did have the Oiler cut for the sling and oiler, so I am unsure of what stock you have.  None that i know of ar like what you are describing.