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I ordered a firing pin locking screw.  The one that came is a 97 screw but not the same as the locking screw.  I am restoring 2 right now.  Please see the attached photos and help me to ...
by cjl604
1 13 09/28/2022 07:21 AM
I have ordered a new model 70 saftey but its the wrong size and wont fit in the bolt. here are some pics of both safteys. the black one is the one i need to replace and the one in the white is the ove ...
by bluedsteel
2 37 09/21/2022 09:51 AM
what are markings on barrel #: 1080690
by carl910126
1 32 09/13/2022 08:13 AM
Is there a reason there are no more Winchester  Elevators 1C?  They seem to be out everywhere and it is stated they are on order, but have none show up? Thanks. 
by Don678164
1 58 08/19/2022 07:09 AM
What is the difference in these three elevators Winchester Elevators T1, T2, T3? (Japan products). Product #: 1344380, Product #: 1344430,  Product #: 1344400. Do you have their height ...
by Don678164
1 31 08/18/2022 07:29 AM
Will you ever have more Winchester Rear Sight Elevator 1C in stock? What is the difference in these Rear Sight Elevators made in Japan, and will one replace the 1C elevator? T1, T2, T3 . 
by Don678164
1 66 08/04/2022 02:58 PM
There are 3 different magazine springs listed for this gun. Does anyone know if the springs are all the same length? Thanks!
by kz1666
2 53 07/27/2022 12:17 PM
I ordered a replacement barrel for my model 190. listing said may have various lettering on barrel. No problem . When I received my order I got a sears copy. Problem is that the sears does not have a ...
by roy790514
2 43 07/26/2022 04:19 PM
  Can anyone tell me the thread size on the Winchester 1897 slide handle screws for a C model solid frame. Part # 233130A. I need to clean up the threads on the slide.  Thanks
by James794480
2 47 07/21/2022 01:05 PM
I’m interested in the 300wsm barrel that’s for sale on your website.  product # 1211680 It says that it is used. Can you tell me the condition of the rifling and the TPI of the actio ...
by Robm7918
2 82 06/20/2022 11:09 AM