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Repaired 1927A WH Thompson and now I cant separate the 2 halves.

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Posted: March 15, 2022 11:04 PM

I've had this WH 1927A for a few years and bought it used about 6 years ago. I thought I'd take it out shooting since it been a while and reloaded some 45 cal for it. Got through 50 rounds and it stopped firing. Took it apart and had multiple failures inside. The extractor broke (happened before) but the firing pin retracting pin was shattered (in 3 pieces) and the fire pin retaining pins were warn. The disconnector was totally shaved down and a few of the springs were badly fatigued. With it completely disassembled I ordered all new parts. I put it all back together, cycled the bolt it a few times and tried dry fired it. The trigger pull was ridiculously hard to pull. I flipped it over and noticed that the firing pin is only going as far as the ejector (half way in the magazine opening. The firing pin is pulling back but not advancing forward like it should. So I decided to pull it apart and see what’s up. I pushed in the frame latch button (detent pin) and tried sliding it apart. It stopped about 2 inches out and its hitting something solid. I decided to slide a .008 and slide it under the detent and slid it in a good 2 inches beyond it and it’s still hitting something solid. I removed the safety and still had the same results, I know better not to remove the pivot plate. So I’m stuck, frustrated and clueless how to get it apart without damaging it. Was hoping you had some Ideas or experienced the same problem.  if I'm totally hosed who can I send it to be repaired. Thank you in advanced. Mike

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Posted: June 2, 2022 03:11 PM

Did you watch the video on Youtube?