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Ammo shortage

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Posted: February 6, 2013 12:07 PM
At the Shot show the Ammo Makers  said they where sold out of 223 for the Year and 22 L/R would be delivered in Sept. Hard times for this summers shooting season.

We Started buying and Saleing gun parts in 1992,Tons of parts in stock and ready to ship today. If Numrich is sold out try

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Posted: February 6, 2013 02:00 PM

Panic buying and hoarding..the shooter fears O'Bama...AND.about the same for reloaders..components are in short supply...even pull-down components are not there..I tried a half dozen prior sources..all sold out.....I may be going back to a flint lock or match lock  all i need there is to find a source of Bat crap to extract old volcano to find sulphur and some charcoal and I can make BP..I can even test the old "Powder Pissers" theory ie as gunpowder as a mixture separated when the powder wagons bounced their way to the battlefield and that powder was disposed of by a vineyard...the workmen there...who consumed wine while they worked...would often urinate onto the abandon piles of powder..this accidently formed the powder into a more stable compound and when some of was salvaged during the heat of battle and blew cannon all to was thought that magic was added from the vineyard workers urinating on the powder...they were hired to drink wine and pee on the powder......Great work if you can get may be in out future....who knows.....