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Czech VZ44 26.5mm w/ Holster...feedback?

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Posted: April 5, 2013 02:49 PM
I just purchased my second Czech VZ44 26.5mm w/ Holster from Numrich. Haven't even received the first one yet but I wanted to have two. I did receive a Polish Flare Pistol from Apex today and their rating of "good condition" was pretty accurate. Some minor pitting on the outside of the barrel in one small location and two "rust scars" about an inch long inside the barrel. It's still quite functional, but it would definitely be my "field pistol" as compared to the like new VZ44 flareguns Numrich sells. Every one I have seen pictures of looks like it is brand new and right off the assembly line. The 26.5mm flare pistols have become VERY scarce and I'm surprised Numrich still has them in stock for such a reasonable price. Flares are readily available but NOT CHEAP. I was wondering if anyone else has bought the flare pistol from Numrich and if they had any comments about it? Dep