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Gunparts for old tri-star 333 o/u12 ga

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Posted: January 10, 2013 10:35 AM
My tristar silver 333 bought in 1996 has broken, called TriStar they say no longer made by that company Uzumlu in Turkey. They said the company sold all remaining parts to Numrich gunparts. I have called and set e-mails no one knows what I am asking for. If you have the following I will buy. 1 upper barrel ejector and spring 1 lower barrel ejector and spring Can anyone help me  [url][/url]
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Posted: January 10, 2013 12:53 PM

First, check out the listings for the AMERICAN ARMS guns listed on this site....your Tristar was also sold under this brand name...AND   an important piece of info is also needed...Ejectors nd their springs are GAUGE a nutshell..what works for a 20 ga will not service a 12 ga etc.   but the parts in question can be hand made fairly easily...The Ejectors are basically, a piece of round steel dowel with a flat attached to one end..the dowel and the flat are then shaped to a specific fit..As to a coil spring..any that fit the hole and supply the power will doesn't matter what they started life as..a spring is a spring is a is the application that makes that can  buy 10" lengths of different wire dia coil springs  from Back to TRISTAR... there may be other "brands" that were imported and sold..the exact same gun with only a different tradename...knowing what these are(if any) will help in finding someone parting out a gun on-line