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How to part out and sell in Calif.?

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Posted: February 17, 2013 07:00 PM
I have an old jc higgins 583.19 20g bolt action shotgun. I'm considering parting it out.  It's complete, except the original recoil pad is gone and the wood stock has been oil finished. It fires, but it doesn't eject shells. It extracts them , but doesn't eject. I just don't feel too safe using it. The bolt locks, but has alot of "slop" when cycling. In Calif. can I sell this for parts? I'm assuming I can if I remove the bolt? Advise is appreciated. Thanks.
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Posted: February 18, 2013 10:02 AM

First of all, the question of "What is a firearm" should be addressed. As far as the Feds are concerned a firearm is the reciever   aka  the action...that part that the bolt goes thru and the barrel is screwed into. Most states  define a firearm by the same standard....but...Calfornia is a different beast,ENTIRELY!!!!!!! If you go to www.atf.gov you can access the sta... stock being oil re-finished is not an  issue..i doubt that anyone would be doing a restoration of this model in minute detail...The recoil pad damage is common...these will dry rot with time and there are dozens of replacements out there...they would require trimming to the stock dimensions...again..there is tooling to do that...but it is a common home repair. From the details you provide...I see no problem with firing the gun. The technique to test fire is this..you use an old car or truck tire that is not mounted on a wheel. The buttstock is inserted between the sidewalls and into the tire and the forend is laid across the top of the opposite side. It is secured there with rope or a bungee cord. A LONG piece of string is attached to the trigger and rolled out to the rear(you can take cover behind a building etc)  Place a shotshell..a 20 Ga 2 3/4" will do fine, cycle the bolt into lock up..retreat to the rear and use the string to pull the trigger.  If the bolt opens without undue pressure or force and the case extracts and is not split or the primer popped out...then the gun is basically safe.if you have any doubts(remember I didn't say 100% safe) then take the gun and the fired case to a gunsmith(not the guy at the Wal-Mart gun counter) and have it examined...California law aside...you can sell every part, on-line, to a private party..the reciever or the complete gun has to be a dealer transaction called FFL to FFL even on line. Frankly, your best course of action would be to replace the missing parts  the ejector primarily and the recoil pad can be replaced with a new one or a plastic buttplate..There are even slip-on boot types that go over the stock without fitting. On the Brownells website checkm item #690-901-002 these come in 3 sizes..s-m-l..the # I listed is for the Med.  The copy of the product discribes the dimensions they fit