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iver johnson 12 gauge barrel

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Posted: April 16, 2013 11:08 AM
Hi all, I'[i]am looking for a thirty inch modified barrel.  Anyone have any suggestions where I can [/i] [i] find one?[/i] [i][/i]  [i]Thanks[/i] [i]Herb[/i]
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Posted: April 16, 2013 02:00 PM

Iver Johnson went out of buisness ca 1993 and nothing new has been made by the aftermarket...sans a few stocks....Meaning any such barrel will come from a parted out gun and will NOT be a drop-in fit recertifying headspace at a minimum will be needed....Most shotguns of this type were choked to ga and bbl length...suggesting that a 30" would be a full choke based on the thinking that the longer bbl and tighter choke increased range....true when blackpowder was the propellent. With smokeless powder everything positive that happens with internal ballistics happens within 25". The only thing the longer barrel offers is a longer sight radius. I can't say for sure  but a 30" modified choke from the factory is unlikely. However...you can recut the full choke to a modified constriction with the use of a hand held drill motor and a brake cylinder hone Nominal bore dia. for a 12 ga is .729" and a mod choke from that dia is to .710"  You should find that a full choke mikes out at  .694", meaning you have to use the hone to open it up by .035". However...that does NOT MEAN the gun will shoot a modified pattern with all loads and shot sizes. Chances are that each shot size will throw a slightly different pattern. What the trick is to tune your choke to the load and shot size you want to use most often..That is done on the range with a patterning board and a battery powered drill...and lots of ammo and  clean paper...Number of shot in a 30" circle shot at 40 yds tells you what your getting. If you want to use the same gun for different applications...geese..to rabbits i suggest having you barrel fitted with interchangable internal choke tubes  Scott Carlson does thise for arouns a $100 and throws in 3 tubes of your choice   www.choketubes.com      or ph(785)626-3700

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Posted: April 16, 2013 04:23 PM

Sorry forgot to add a barrel source...if our host doesn't have one or one of the other outfits like our host, then it is the auction sites looking for a parted out gun or comp-lete gun. Bear in mind that a complete gun or a sale that includes the reciever requires an FFL dealer at both ends of the transaction...... so alternate sources include www.sarcoinc.com   ...      or give Jack First Inc a call at (605)343-9544       just know that buying the bbl is only part of the cost and just because it mounts to your reciever does NOT mean it fits........truthfully   a new gun in current production will be cheaper........NEF or Rossi.......H&R Pardner......