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Will We Give Up Our 2nd Amendment Right?.

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Posted: January 14, 2013 09:34 PM
Well, Prez Obummer said if Congress doesn't do something, he will himself by executive order about guns, high capacity mags., ammo, and gun control. If Congress does pass some kind of bill for the fiscal cliff, will a gun control bill be tail hooked onto the fiscal cliff bill, thereby bypassing Congress in a different way and sneaking it by? Kind of getting gun control through under the skirt of another bill. Lord knows they've did it sooo many times in the past with other bills. If you are an American, a real do action American, not the lip service type American, will you let Prez Obummer take away our most important right, which is by the way a Bill Of Rights, not a Bill Of Needs, the 2nd Amendment? Be fore warned that if our 2nd Amendment right is taken away, be it a little at a time, we as Americans will not long after not have ANY of our other right because the 2nd amendment right was put forth and written into the Constitution by our forefathers to insure that we will have all of our other Constitutional rights. Will we set by and let this happen or will we use our 2nd amendment right as it was designed to stand and fight for our rights, every single one of them down to the very single words of every one of them. My self, I'm not for banning high capacity magazines. I'm for banning high capacity mental people with guns and high capacity idiots like those in the White House holding the steering wheel to our great Country and driving it wide open down hill straight into hell. Duffman.   
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Posted: January 15, 2013 12:45 PM

Thomas Jefferson once said, "No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government."When we read the Constitution, we understand that our founders believed that all men are born free and thus rights need not be given as they are naturally possessed from the start. The Constitution is therefore a restrictive document; it is one that restrains government rather than coming from government.

Until modern society understands this crucial point of history and continues to accept that our rights come from government and not the other way around, our basic freedoms will continue to be chipped away at.

History shows us that mass murderers and dictators agree on the point that gun control works -- for them. I would encourage anyone who doesn't understand that our ability to own firearms is what keeps our government from absolute rule to go back and read history. After that, go arm yourself. 

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Posted: January 16, 2013 10:06 AM

Well, According to the NYC newspaper THE DAILY NEWS, NY now has the toughest gun laws in the country. You will no longer be able to purchase any firearm that has any "assult" rifle feature..like a pistol grip(as far as I know, 99.9% of all longarms have a pistol grip style buttstock..a few have what is called an English style buttstock that is straight thru the wrist...mostly double guns) Any magazine holding more than 7 rounds is now unlawful(no word on if this means from this point on or is going to sieze any magazine that will hold 8 or more)  Anyone already owning an assult firearm will be required to register it(no word on fees, but based on what NYC does..it will be high per gun and have to be done yearly..designed to make the cost of ownership prohibitive  Ditto on ammo purchases..Police will be notified  when anyone purchases large quanities of ammo..exactly what "LARGE" is is not defined...but I'm a competitive pistol shooter and I handload most C/F ammo...but my .22 LR Match Ammo is bought in quanity..like a case at a time of a proven function and accuracy(out of my guns) to buy several cases of 5000 rds each is a common practice(also there are stages of fire that require a magazine that holds more than 7 rds..are competitive shooter grandfathered in? The only thing positive in the new law is that no one can gain access to any permit holders data and cannot publish it...and it cannot be accessed via the Freedom of Information act(what to bet that the ACLU jumps all over this while pissing on the infringement and seizure of rights and property)   BTW  is seems tha any semi auto firearm will be on the shit list  and for you non NY Staters..this piece of crap legislation will certainly serve as a model for Obama and his madmen.....IMHO,Of Course.....

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Posted: February 11, 2013 05:26 PM

Most Americans have not yet put 2 and 2 together about Obama's ntentions, and come to the correct answer. It IS: "United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21", or more known as "The 1993 Rio de Janeiro Economic and Environmental Accords".

What Agenda 21 IS, is the game plan, blueprint, dorectory, operations manual for the world wide implementation of "The New World Order", or, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT administered by the United Nations ONLY.

We are seeng more than before in public occurring frm this Agenda 21 movement. Up until Obama got re-elected, the movement to implement it was somewhat silent, and small, very small pieces getting adsded, retified, implemented, silently. Now, we are seeing larger chunks of it in EVERY facet of our governments, all the way down to local governments, school boards, thigs we really do not even think woulkd be close to the Agenda.

Were any of yu aware that the day after Obama got re-elected, he quietly and secretly signed We, the People of the United States of America to allow full implementation of U.N. Agenda 21 GUN CONFISCATION AND CONTROL? This he is doing in small parts, bypassing Congress, by "Executive Orders". Did YOU get asked if you wanted this to occur? I doubt it.


What we, as both citizens of the United States, and gun owners, is to get the word out about Agenda 21, to everyone that has no clue as of yet about it, doesn't believe it is in play, shout it from the barricades. It will take ALL the public to defeat the Agenda, and, Obama has specially trained operatives out and about that are actively trhying to debunk, convince any and every one that Agenda 21 ISN'T real, no plans to imleent it, anything they can to dissuade, stop the public form believing it is real. If government has to go that far in their deceptions about something that they say doesn't even exist, then, common sense tells us, TAKE A CLOSER LOOK, IT PROBABLY DOES EXIST, AND I SHUOLD KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS HAVE PLANNED TO FORCE ME TO DO, AND THE FREEDOMS I WILL LOSE FROM THE IMPLEMETATION OF THAT AGENDA 21 that supposedly doesn't exist.

I suggest we all get to the task at hand, let EVERYONE know exactly what we are facing in both Agenda 21, and those leaders that are so fervently attempting to slip all facets of it by us, quietly and secretly. Ther is NO time left to waste.


By the way, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution is the article that sets the term limit for President to 2 full terms only. Ever wonder why Obama weants if abolished? Because he knows he cannot get all the provisions of Agenda 21 fully implemented in this, his second term, so, he wants a third. During that 3rd term, he should be good to go to get assigned as 'full, Permanent Administrator Of The North American Continent Of The New World Order". Think about it, that is exactly what he is up to, fully implement A21, get appointed permanent adminstrator for it.


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Posted: February 12, 2013 11:27 AM

forum imageAs a Tea Party Patriot, I'm aware of what David is telling you all. He may even be one of us. Tea party Patriot groups all over the United States are fighting this crap and I suggest you all should join a local group. Like David said it's gonna take all of us.forum image

May you be in heaven one hour before the devil knows your dead.

Joined: February 2013
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Posted: February 12, 2013 09:36 PM

Thanks, frankpowder. It is VITAL and IMPERATIVE we get the word out to everyone, as most do not have any idea the connects in everyday local government and Agenda 21. Even the good and well meaning elected officials at every level of our local and state governments haven't put it together yet. They are, for the most part, well meaning, but, don't get the full implcations of what they are approving, in our name, that we will ALL be forced to live under.

I am not a Tea Party member, and I don't really subscribe to any political party. I do work with the Tea Party people in Fallon, Nevada in their attempts to get the citizens educarted about Agenda 21, and their efforts to stop A21 in its tracks. Up until I came here, I was a non-partisan, out of purely Republican roots and mind set.

I now feel that most parties just don't have the entire nation's best interests at heart any longer, only their own "vision" and agendas to stay in office, with no clear path to fix anything.

What I would like to see is politicians that run as they are, Democrat, Whig, Republican, what ever, and keep that affiliation as far as they being private citizens, BUT, when they get elected, they become NON-PARTISAN when they assume office, and, stop all the party rhetoric, B/S and garbage. Then, do a couple of very important things. LISTEN TO EVERYONE, no matter their political party, and/or other affiliation. ASK WE, THE PEOPLE OUR NEEDS, WANTS, FEARS, FIXES, HOW WE WOULD FIX THE PROBLEMS CREATED BY THOSE NOW IN OFFICE, AND THEIR 'VISIONS' AND AGENDAS THAT SMPLY HAVE NOT HELPED.

We are a great people, but, we have allowed, by whatever motivation, or, lack thereof, our love of country, freedoms, and fairness, to be subverted, changed, in some cases, eliminated, and outright taken from us, by those with singluar agendas and ulterior/personal motives against our free way of life.

We can do a heck of a lot better than we have been doing, and getting active, get educated about just whom, and what are trying to eliminate our country, lifestyle, freedoms and individuality, and come together to stop it.This IS the most important issue we have to face today, defeating every facet of A21.

Agenda 21 is our largest and worst enemy, and those that are working to implement it, need to be stopped in getting it as the law of the world. It is up to you, and I, to spread the word, and get together. Tea Party, yes, other groups like NRA, patriots all acros the country, stand up, stand strong for freedom, and get going, the alternative is just not workable.

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Posted: February 13, 2013 12:20 PM

I would think a lot of us viewed Obama's diatribe and rant last evening. Ban this, eliminate that, tax, tax, tax, spend, spend spend, that'll fix it, more, more more of the same I have already done to ruin the country.


People just cannot fathom that Obama does not care about making jobs, not care about getting the economy back to workable. He is NOT stupid, forcing citizens onto every welfare and entitlement program he possibly can, while making things for the ones still working, as hard to live under as he can, IS his true intention.

As many people he can force to become as totaly and completely reliant as possible on his leftist, A21 government, the better for him. The more people he forces permanantly onto those programs, the more power over all of us he has.

All I heard last evening is, "government can tax and spend its way out of all this". The last 4 years, he has done just that, and we are no closer to being any better than any time previously in our history as a country.

Obama isn't stupid, nor misguided, blind, ignorant, uninformed, whatever, he IS arrogant beyond words, and, HE IS GETTING EXACTLY WHAT HE HAS HAD/HAS PLANNED TO DO.

And, we just ain't doing much at all to stop him, his minions, and his beloved U.N. Agenda 21.