Mini 14 Front Sight Confusing Product Description

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Posted: March 4, 2024 04:26 PM

I recently purchased a Mini 14 front sight (  The product description isn't wrong, but it is confusing.  It states "MUST BE DRILLED FOR CROSS PIN" but the pictures shows a front sight that's already drilled, so I assumed it was indicating that the rifle barrel itself must be drilled to accept the cross pin, which mine already is.  Unfortunately, turns out it is indeed the front sight itself which must be drilled.  I will be returning this because I don't need to replace the front sight badly enough to pay a gunsmith to drill the front sight, but perhaps the product description and/or image should be updated to make it clear that "MUST BE DRILLED FOR CROSS PIN" is referring to the sight itself, and not the rifle.

Thank you.

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