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Marlin 1892 32 Cal Lever - Follower and Tube Question

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Posted: July 1, 2019 11:53 AM

I am new to this 1903 Marlin 1892 32 cal Lever gun. I bought 250 rounds of 32 Long Colt - will save brass. 2 things happen on the gun. 1) The spent round will not eject, although when the hammer falls the extractor pulls out the spent cartridge and the ejector is good - good fitting and in place behind the carrier. 2) The follower on this gun looks hand made and is not the right length - as a result the next round will not lift - half of it is still in the tube.

I bought a new correct follower here for 32 cal, new ejector for 32 cal, and a new magazine spring. Hoping that will fix it. Gun is near mint.

My "dumb question" - When this gun is loaded with 32 long colt - how many rounds will it hold and does the outer tube just stick out in front of the barrel a good 1 foot or more??? Very strange the way the magazine tube works on these. I was able to Youtube and get it completely disassembled and reassembled. Anyone know of any videos of someone loading and shooting one?


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Posted: July 1, 2019 02:11 PM

The Marlin 1892 came in two variations for the .32 cal. One used an inner magazine tube measuring 14-3/4" and the other one measuring 22-13/16". It sounds like you have he wrong one if it is sticking out. It is likely the reason why you are having feeding issues as well.

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Posted: July 1, 2019 05:10 PM (This post was last edited July 1, 2019 05:15 PM)


I think I have a few issues - one - the ejector is not long enough - maybe a 22 ejector was put in. So with the gun in lever down position the ejector spring is still behind the carrier - it does not eject the spent cartridge. Two - The follower attached to the tube looks hand made and the tube has an extra hole in it - further back. Even if the Follower is put in first hole its too short.

My dumb question pertains to the last 2 photos - with no rounds in it the tube is flush. When the top latch is released and the tube pulled up to load rounds - the round slot is visible and there is spring tension. I drop about 5 rounds in and slowly let the spring pull the outer tube down. The tube stays extended as is the second picture - because its attached to the follower. After following YouTube videos and looking at diagrams I don't see any other way it would work. Is this expected from a Marlin Lever 1892? The tube extends then slowly works its way down as rounds are fired?

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Posted: July 1, 2019 05:45 PM

Here are the YouTube Links to my model 32 1892.

Disassembly of action and tube: