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Mossberg model 800

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Posted: April 7, 2011 11:59 AM
I aquired this mossberg model 800 in 22-250 just wondering what the age of the rifle is and how much they go for in price. it is in mint condition dont think the thing has ever been fired
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Posted: April 7, 2011 03:06 PM

Ivan, Mossberg made the Model 800 in several leter designations...those marked simply Model 800 in exc to NIB condition are rated at around $250 book......production was from 1967 to 1980 and I would advise you to treat it with kid gloves as there are few to no spare parts out there.

George M
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Posted: April 7, 2011 03:29 PM

Zeke, wasn't that one of the first non-Weatherby "fat bolt" designs? George M.

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Posted: April 7, 2011 05:51 PM

George, Don't,know on the fat bolt thing..but here is the info I have at hand. This rifle was actually developed at the request of Montgomery Wards who wanted a low to mid priced bolt action center-fire rifle to go along with their line of entry level shotguns...most of which were supplied by Mossberg. Two of Mossbergs highly thought of design people, Carl Benson and Louis Seecamp(just in from Germany) went to work on the issue around 1963. The basic design and features comes from the Mossberg 635 Bolt action Shotgun, incoprprating the design of the sliding safetyy,plunger style firing pin, and trigger bolt stop of the 835 into a prototype that Seecamp had already developed. That included a 6 forward locking lug bolt and a extractor/ejector from Seecamp's prototype. The bolt face is counterbored and allows venting of any escaped gases thur a bolt body venting system. The trigger is a short take up type(as opposed to the Mauser two stage type) and the actual bolt stop is the sear itself..the trigger is factory set and not intended to be adjusted any further than what the rifle is shipped with. The "magazine" is similar to the standard Mauser type and is top loaded with a hinged floorplate. T^here are some 20 variation of the original model(which was in production for 13 years) There are also a few Tradename versions: New Haven brand=880A,880B abd 880C, th Revelation brand=220A,220B,220C,220AD,220BD and 220CD the Westernfield which are straigt parts swaps as follows: 767,768 and 780 are Model 800A Mossbergs. The Model 782=800B...the model 775=model 800AD and the Model 776=mode l800BD. Over all production was somewaht limited with approx 150,000 units in all styles and brands being shipped. Nearly one half of these were in the Westernfield brand in caliber .308W which also contributes to the lack of parts in the field I believe that the Model 800 was limited to the short action cartridges with the Model 810 being introduced to handle the 30-06 length family. Frankly, If I had a Model 800 with a missing magazine assy(there is not a separate box magazine or clip) and with the shortage of parted out guns..I would look to getting together about a 1/2 dozen used and semi-abused Military Mauser triggerguard and magazine assy and with the use of a hacksaw and some welding...making a unit..The time and labor spent gunsmithing this would likely be less time and maney than searching the world over for an original.