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Stripped parts in store

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Posted: September 11, 2019 08:10 PM

This is my first time coming to Numrich and I'm looking for an yugo M48 bolt to slip in my M24/47 hunting rifle as a cheaper alternative to buying the whole M48. Thing is the only ones available on Numrich are stripped. Can anyone tell me what this term means? If I just have to screw my firing pin and safety into the bolt body it's not a big deal but if it is completely de-milled or rendered inoperable I would like to know. Can anyone help a newbie out?

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Posted: September 12, 2019 09:37 AM

First things first...Bolts just don't slip right in......there are critical(and lifesaving) dimensions and safety functions to prove....Headspace....then sear and safety functions to prove.........

A sripped bolt...A complete bolt has the bolt body then fitted to that are the extractor   the back end shows a cocking piece to which a firing pin is fitted and a safety installed and proved.

Headspace is the distance from the bolt face(when in the lock up position) to a datum line in the chamber...for that  think the bottleneck cartridge...the datum line would be positioned on the slanted portion

BUT..... the gauges used to prove this are the GO...the actual safest point.......then the NO-GO......if the bolt drops into lock up on this gauge.....the  gun is bordering on unsafe......and Field gauge..the gun IS unsafte

Military guns are sent into the field with the bolt dropping on the No-Go gauge...The reason being..the first thing to fail is accuracy...then brass fails as it  over expands to fill the void...Yjis is dealt with by making the cartridge case stronger....the casehead and lower sidewall are thicker...internally and provide the needed strength.....the Army is  not picking brass in the field and reloading it.......commercial ammo has the same dimensions externally but has greater case capacity as it is designed to be used in rifle dropping on a Go Gauge...What this means to you is that any bolt you get will be a sloppy fit.....and may even cross the line into dropping on a Field gauge.....The fix is to either install a new barrel and set that up properly or remove the old one and recut the shoulder so the barrel makes a full complete new turn and then the chamber recut.......BTW the "Yugo" Mauser is a unique beast that has parts that do not swap with other Mausers.........If you are missing a bolt  buy a COMPLETE unit meant for your model........If you need a gunsmith to fit it...e-mail me and I'll supply a name...