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wards western field .22 bolt

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Posted: February 12, 2012 06:11 PM
New to the site. And a pretty cool site I might add!! Anyway I have a Wards western field .22 Model 25 XNH-ION with the bolt missing. Does anyone know where to get one and at what monetary cost? Grateful for any help.---Bill
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Posted: February 13, 2012 09:52 AM

The gun was made for WF by Noble and is a Noble Model 10. Which was made from 1955 to 1958 Parts will cost whatever the market will bear. However, the value of a complete Noble M-10 is: Excellent$95....Very Good $80 and Good $50. Nobel was located in Haydenville,Mass..founded in 1946 and went under in 1971. I believe that the host of these forums Gun Parts Corp aka Numrich Arms was a major buyer of the assets of Noble. They do noy list the Model 10 in their paper catalog,but that does not mean they don't have parts. They may have small quanties of small to bother catalogging..So try asking via an e-mail. Another option is to moniter the auction sites like E-Bay and for someone parting out one. Be advised that bolts are not drop-in interchangable. There is a critical dimension called HEADSPACE that MUST be withing limits. This is checked by removing any part of the bolt assy that can give a false reading(like the extractor) and in a very clean gun, check headspace using the proper gauge(they come in GO....No-Go....and Field..basically the bolt must drop and lock on the GO gauge and not drop on the No-Go and/or the field units...the rammifications of excessive headspace include shearing off the locking lug(s) on the bolt and propelling the bolt body to the rear,very much like the bullet leaving the can also involve reciever failure(it acts like a hand grenade) Test firing in and of itself is not a test and certification of proper headspace...if you have bad HS..the effects of firing can be may fail right away...bvut it will fail....sooner rather than later..the only questions is...How severely will it fail and who will it hurt. If the host of these forums doesn't have the part...go to the handgun forum and check the postings of Alan In Nevada...Alan does not have or sell parts, but does post a long list of those that do........ I would expect that a complete bolt assy will run at or over $ of supply and more being made so supply is limited to almost zero= higher $$$$$$$$

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Posted: November 12, 2012 06:47 PM

I have the exact same 22 and have had it since new getting it for xmas back in the late 50's.

Its in excellent condition and just sits in a closet. You can have the bolt for $50 if you need it. I'd sell the whole rifle if it wasnt such a pain to ship.

PM me if you want the bolt. I am in AZ.