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B. C. Miroku Hammer Spring 12ga.

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Posted: September 17, 2022 10:04 AM

Howdy from Texas! 

I'm in need of a v-shaped hammer spring for my Miroku 12ga. O/U shotgun. I believe it's the 2211-12 Hammer Spring (LH) for Upper Barrel (12 ga.)

I have checked everywhere online and local within 50 miles and have not had success finding this spring. I was able to find the 2212-12 lower barrel hammer spring (ordered one as a backup), but this 2211-12 upper hammer spring is proving to be quite difficult to locate.

Does anyone here have a spare I could buy, or know of where I might be able to pick up one or two? I don't want to send my gun off to some random gunsmith for "fitting". I just want the coil. 

Any help is greatly appreciated :)



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Posted: October 3, 2022 09:59 PM

Chris, try this company, they may have what you are looking for.