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Firearms Import And Export Corp

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Posted: January 23, 2011 10:40 AM
I Have A Single Shot Shotgun With 410 Cal And 3" Full Choke On The Barrel It Reads Firearms Import And Export Corp.Made In Brazil Model SB With Serial#338946. Who Made This Shotgun Western Field?AlsoI Need A Stock For It.I Can,t Seem To Find One That Will Fit On This Site I May Be Looking In Or At The Wrong One.Thanks For Your Help
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Posted: January 23, 2011 11:32 AM

First, Westerfield is a tradename used by Wards, they had made or imported firearms that were already in the system. They just had them cheapened up a bit and had their moniker stamped on them. Firearms Import Import and Export Corp is better known as FIE and..as of 1990 were no longer in buisness. Brazil in pre 1990 was exporting firearms from CBC. The most likely canidate for your shotgun is listed(by our host) under BRAZILIAN CBC Single Barrel Shotgun. This Illustrated Parts Breakdown and parts listing covers the CBC M-651,K-Mart Junior 251, FIE Models SB40,SB41,SB42 & SB41Y- 12,16,20 and 410 Ga shotguns...However, these models have been imported into the USA under a number of other tradenames(like Westernfield) and have undergone some design changes. If you don't see the parts you need..IN THE SHAPE YOU NEED..then forward a picture or sketch of same to our hosts and they will attempt to match the part....AND..FWIW...these firearms of this vintage are poor quality at best(current Brazilian manufactured firearms are excellent) often using soft and inferior metals and craftsmenship and some even have little or no interchangibility of parts. Value of a used CBC shotgun...even in as new condition is around $40 and IMHO is little better than a rock or sharp stick.......However, The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Vlaues shows the FIE CBC as being in production from 1982 to 84(serial number indicates post 1968 manufacture and import) and that DOM is entering the better product line of Brazil. The book on this gun as listed is:Perfect=$90..Excellent=$75 and Very Good=$50 personally, in my experience..this is a highly inflated value and you would be better off parting out your gun and buying something of a later manufacture..like H&R...NEF...even the current Brazilian gun...Rossi