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Gunsmithing on Stevens 18D Bolt Head

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Posted: March 24, 2013 03:07 PM
I need to remove the firing pin, indicator pin and spring from a Stevens 18D bolt head, but cannot figure out how to remove the cocking piece from the bushing.  I've tried twisting, turning, pulling, heating, etc, but all to no avail.  I think the firing pin must run through a cutout in the cocking piece, so is there a hidden keepr that isn't showing itself?  What's the secret?  Any help will be much appreciated. ...Fire Mountain Weapons; Sales and Gunsmithing
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Posted: March 25, 2013 10:10 AM

I believe there is a cross pin that retains the cocking piece to the bushing..The schematic shows it as a -6 but I think it is mislabeled  It is ID'd as the cocking piece. It is the indicator rod that is threaded into the bolt cap..Take note that the rear end of the bolt head(frt bolt body) has a groove in the tip of the minor diameter...On some versions of this model..they used an E-Ring to join the parts and on others a cross pin This model has common parentaqge with the 58 and the letter designations indicate major design changes   most in the bolt design..Check the schematics of the all the version of the 18,model 51...model 58 in the Savage....Stevens and Springfield versions of the bolt action shotgun...you could have a hybrid or someone fitted another model bolt assy to the barreled reciever. I have met a couple of those over the years....

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Posted: March 25, 2013 04:01 PM

Thanks, Zeke!  I finally figured it out.  What one has to do is, with the cocking piece in the "fired" position and holding the cap assembly in the vise, push back on the end of the firing pin with a flat block, then take hold of the the round slot close to the end of the indicator as it emerges from the bold cap.  While holding the indicator pin out with diagonal pliers (fits the slot), you are then release press on the firing pin.  This allows the bushing to relax and freely move within the bolt cap housing.  You then can easily pull the cocking piece straight out, as long as it has moved forward enough to clear the indicator pin (the cocking piece has a hidden detent on the indicator pin side, into which the indicator pin fits when properly installed, holding the cocking pice in place.  Once the cocking piece is removed, the firing pin and bushing can be extracted by aligning the flats of the bushing and the bolt cap.  The firing spring and indicator pin will come out after the bushing is removed.