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Ithaca Lightning 12g semi auto

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Posted: March 30, 2020 11:11 AM

I have an ithaca with a bubble in the barrel. So i have been looking for a replacement the only thing i can find that looks exactly the same as the lightning barrel is the;


Barrel, 12 Ga., 28", Modified Choke, Plain - Type II, Used Factory Original
PRODUCT #: 589820

will this work on my shotgun?

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Posted: April 2, 2020 09:37 AM (This post was last edited April 2, 2020 03:10 PM)

Have you posted this on the Ithaca specific forum accessed thru the Employee Managed Forums?


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Posted: April 3, 2020 09:08 AM


Regarding your inquiry concerning the Ithaca Lightning 12 ga. shotgun.  Lightning was  a name used by Ithaca over the years.  These guns were manufactured in Japan. 

The barrel you are referring to, item# 589820 12 ga. 28" Modified Type II, fits the Ithaca/SKB 300 and 900 series of "recoil operated" semi-auto shotguns.   It will not fit any of the Ithaca/SKB XL 300 and 900 "gas operated" semi-auto shotguns.

Even though the barrels look very similar there are differences in the tang shape and ejector type.

Hope this clarifies things for you.  


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