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Kessler Bolt Action Shotgun

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Posted: November 26, 2011 11:07 PM
Looking for a stock for a Kessler Bolt Action Shotgun, 16 ga, believe it is a Model 228 would like to cross reference it to another type to find a stock, even if I have to do some inletting to make it work. Thanks
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Posted: November 27, 2011 09:30 AM

Take note that our host is sold out of the stock for this gun. One thing you can do is pull up the store brand listing on this site and check for other names for your gun, like the Westernfield Model 151X..or...you can go to the handgun forum and check the postings of "Alan in Nevada"//take note that Alan does not have or sell parts, he just posts a long list of other sources. If you read thru his postings, you will find that list. A couple of shops that buy such guns and then parts them out are Bob's Gun ShopCorson's barrels,Jack First,Inc and Spokane Gun Auctions. You may also fi9nd an aftermarket stock witth Boyd's Gun Stocks(www.boydsgunstocks.com) or with Macon Gunstocks Inc(www.macongunstocks.net) Macon will also cut you a stock using the old one as a pattern, so f you still have it...piece together with Elmer's glue and some plastic wood and contact themfor instructions...BTW..Kessler went out of buisness in 1950 FWIW the model 128/228 shares many parts with the Model 30 with the major difference being the magazine. The model 30 magazine was fixed in place and the 128 series has adetachable box mag. Our host list the parts that are unique to each model. The stock appears to be somewhat of aKessler standard part The is and indication that the 12 ga stock is specifric to that ga., while the 16 and 20 use the same stock. When Kessler went into recievership and the Federal Bankruptcy Sale took place, most of the assets were purchased by our host.Some machinery was purchased by Ithaca and Crosman. It would be wise to moniter the E-Bay auction site for someone parting out a Kessler. That may be the best and cheapest alternative.

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Posted: December 5, 2011 03:47 PM

I am sold out of those stocks.try Bobs gun shop in Ark.

We Started buying and Saleing gun parts in 1992,Tons of parts in stock and ready to ship today. If Numrich is sold out try Gunpartauction.com