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Mugica Eibar SXS 12ga Firing Pin

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Posted: March 24, 2013 06:41 PM
Good afternoon, This is my first post. Thanks for having me here. I'm repairing the shotgun for my pop. Firing pin has broken off. I need help finding a replacement pin. I have searched and searched to no avail. Can I possibly use a firing pin from another SXS? Both firing pins are marked with a #5 on them. What's strange is that the firing pins are different. The grooves that keep the firing pins in place are off by a few thousands. Was this normal for these shotguns? Any help will do, gents. Thank you.

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Posted: March 25, 2013 09:51 AM

having diiffernt FP's in a SxS or O/U is a common thing  "MUGICA"  is listed as Mugica, Jose  Eibar, Spain  See Llama in  The Standard Catalog of Firearms...problem is..Llama went belly up a few years back and no one is making parts for any of their product line...except aftermarket wood The llama reference throws a bit of a curve in that Argentina has a company called BERSA that owns the Llama name........Finding a FP replacement  is nearly impossible  Many Spanish firms made and exported such firearm  most with no support after being imported  Your best bet is to have a machinists lathe turn you a replacement...........BUT  You stated that the 2 FP's differ in profile..if they are not broken..make sure you have the right one in the right position. You may find some help at and I may be able to help with more info. List all the markings that appear on the reciever,barrels and wood. This may shed light on other  companies that imported the same gun with their buisness name on it....