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new england shotgun

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Posted: January 25, 2017 12:19 PM
I have a new england  10 gauge single shot shot gun need info on parts and schematics. am redoing gun and need barrel catch thanks
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Posted: January 25, 2017 05:34 PM

I need more information...There wer shotguns made by Crescent Firearms Cpo of Norwich Ct for Sears that were branded as New England that were made post 1914(some of them anyway)  These had New England stamped o them...then  there was another hardware model made by Crescent  branded New England Arms..I have no data on who those were made for

then the more modern offering   Is known as NEF or New England Firearms the follow up compnay once called Harrington & Richradson,,Both are currently owned by Marlin

 If your gun is made by Crescent..they went out of buisness in 1930 when they were acquired by Savage Arms co. Savage continued to market guns made from leftover parts..when those ran out...the brand and parts died......Wood is available from aftermarket firms. Parts for a Crescent will come from a parted out gun..Our host buys old units and parts them out, You won't always find those listed in any catalog..print or cyber,,You have to ask in an e-mail.Ypou can also check with other companies like our host or monitor the auction sites like E-Bay or to say..the parts you find may not fit your gun.."interchanible" was not a big thing ca 1914

If you have an H&R/NEF model, parts are available from our host and from NEF  Google that name.

If you go to Facebook and consult Al Spina who runs the page Firearms Disassembly and Assembly..he has hundreds of can join(its free) and  either search his listings or just ask him

I may be able to help further, but I will need ALL the markings on the gun...both reciever and barrel..any marks on the wood and  thinks  like the buttplate..Format can often date a firearm

With a 10 ga..the chamber length can also be an indicator of can the barrel material..If it is TWIST aka DAMASCUS steel the it is and old blackpowder model and should be considered to be unsafe with any ammuntion and should NEVER be fired with smokeless powder